Any chance of Factions sourcebooks?

Do you see any chance, that the major factions (you know: Romulans, Klingon, Dominion aso) will get their own in-depth sourcebooks?

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What sort of thing would you be looking for in these, beyond what’s already in/going to be in the quadrant books?

There are plans, much later down the road, for both a Klingon and a Romulan book. We still have to do the sciences book and 3 more quadrant books.


Fake news on the Romulan front :wink:

But we have publically talked about breaking the curse and doing a Klingon book. It’s certainly something I’d like to see happen.

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Now you’ve doomed the game-line…

If you did Romulan, I’d say the Cardies would also be a must (but then I was one of the writers for the Icon fanbook for that one - so a little biased).

In the short-term, Michael, there are some good fan materials out there for the older games - give Memory Icon ( and Beyond the Final Frontier ( a look. You’d need to convert stats, but otherwise, it might help.


Based on the past history of the curse, I suggest moving fast once you’ve uttered the Words of Doom (“We’re working on a Klingon supplement.”)

Now that just breaks my heart. I’d much rather see a Romulan and Cardassian book than a Klingon one. :slight_smile:

Please do a Romulan book. I know there’s concern about whether it would have broad enough appeal… but LUG made it work with their Way of D’era supplement, and it was one of their best releases. You guys could out do that without half trying.