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Qapla' – The Klingon Quickstarter!

I just saw that the Klingon Quickstarter arrived. It does, however not (yet) show up in the “Klingon” Category in Modiphius’ web shop. @Modiphius-Jim @Modiphius-Nathan @Modiphius-Lloyd


Yet, it’s a good read! Commander Doranesh seems like glorious company among such distinguished leaders as the Commanders B’emir or Edaj! I had loved to see a Shakespear quote as one of Krovek’s values, though. :rofl:


Other than the Klingon stuff, is there any changes/updates/streamline of the basic rules?

I indeed stumbled over a Determination use that was not in the Starfleet-flavoured Core Book. Whether it was introduced in the Klingon Core Rulebook or in the Quick Starter, I cannot verify, atm.

It’s pretty neat, though. :slight_smile:

The quickstart is a straight trim from the Klingon core book, which underwent minor revisions from the original Starfleet core.

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Are those Klingon specific revisions, or will they make their way back into Starfleet Core?

Would you be able to post with a spoiler tag what it actually was? I’d be interested to know, but don’t have time to go through the PDF right now

Mostly an alternate option for character advancement and reputation, and a slight revision to make space combat a bit more streamlined. Pretty minor changes overall, though it was a top-down revision of the Starfleet core to orient it directly toward Klingons.

@mattcapiche search for “special technique” in the PDF. :slight_smile:

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Oh, that’s a nice addition. Hadn’t spotted that!

Thank you so much for this quickstarter, it is really helpful.

I was preparing to run klingon adventure from a long time, but I just felt I was not ready to switch thinking from Starfleet sessions to Klingon one. Hell, the prime directive is not a concern anymore and there is no need to be overly diplomatic with Klingons.
One of struggles was - how to gather players and help them to create unique and convincing Klingon characters.

This quickstarter is really answer for almost all of my troubles. Just take your team, pick your characters and go for Tylannis VII raid. It is a brief scenario, but can be very intense.
Dreg (noble and brave politician seeking for glory to become member of High Council), Hur’Krel (a veteran doctor with “first do some harm” attitude) and Krovek (bloodthirsty but somehow fragile barbarian).

We have many inspirations for Starfleet officers - from many series and crew character supplements, and not so many for Klingons or non-Federation aliens in general - but I think this is really good direction - pregenerated characters plus adventure, all easy and ready to go with your team or on conventions (when covid situation is finally over).

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