Official Product Wishlist

There’s a wishlist for items for the (thoroughly excellent) Continuing Missions blog, which is doing yeoman work filling in holes. This post is for sourcebook material we’re wanting to see from Modiphius itself as the line progresses.

I’m going to skip minis-oriented things for the time being, since those mean little to me personally. Feel free to bring them up in replies to this thread, though; my interests and those of the rest of you might not intersect, and I recognize this.

If Sam or Jim or Chris want to jump in and comment on this, perhaps chime in on upcoming products, they’re more than welcome to do so.

First off, what we know is coming:
Alpha Quadrant
Gamma Quadrant
Delta Quadrant
Operations Division
Science Division

What I’m pretty sure is coming:
ENT crew pack (I know it’s been written; I wrote it)
DS9 crew pack
VOY crew pack

What I’d Like:
Time Travel and Mirror Universe sourcebooks - I have the LUG and Decipher versions of these, respectively, but I’d love to see versions of these updated to include relevant portions of Enterprise.

Era/Series sourcebooks - Pretty sure someone said these wouldn’t happen, but I really think that’s a mistake.

Alternate campaigns - The game is very Starfleet-centric. The universe, OTOH, is not. Someone elsewhere mentioned the merchant marine, and I think that a merchant/wandering rogue book like FASA and LUG both had would be great. LUG and DEC both promised Klingon books, and LUG had a Cardassian book in the works, too.

Now it’s your turn.


I would really like to see more ENT love. I had mentioned elsewhere that in Command, we did get stats for the NX class, but not the shuttlepods. However in the same book we got 4 variants of TNG shuttlecraft (which was certainly nice, but the omission was disappointing and felt keenly in the ENT game I play in). Obviously it will not be getting it’s own sourcebook treatment, but I do hope to see more in future products.

TATV volume 2 - By it’s very name TATV vol. 1 infers that further volumes are coming, but nothing has been announced.

Era variant character sheets - Admittedly I use my own homebrew character sheets, but I feel some inclusive love of ENT and TOS character/ship sheets would not go amiss. I do love a pretty character sheet.

I second the TATV volumes 2+ - even more stand-alone missions would be great.

Although I am a fan of Starfleet-centric game and thus probably would not be pushing for a Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, Dominion or even Ferengi setting/campaign, I would definitively grab it.

Also I have been thinking about a sort of GM help compilation “How to operate … / What could possibly go wrong…”, as I have realized I usually know what suppose to be happening when everything goes well, but I am out of my wits when thinking about what would be the complications when for instance the PCs are trying to operate non-Starfleet technology of all sorts. :slight_smile:

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Do keep your eyes peeled and hailing frequencies open, we still have a few things to announce yet!


No fair teasing Sam. It’s payday and Ops on Tuesday is so far away!

Hum, not a simple question. 4 Quadrant and 3 Divisionbooks should normaly be all I need.

But as you ask. I am interested in:

  • Voyager and Defiant Deck Tiles (even if I don’t used the TNG-Tiles until now)
  • TNG Starfleet Bridge Collection Deck Tiles
  • A Planet Guide
  • A ENT-Suplemental Book (there are Ships missing)
  • A Critter Guide

Cardassians miniatures and deck plans; throw in a tile for ops and some for the Promenade, and you could get both a Cardassian ship and a Nor type space station into one tile set.

Borg tiles.

Sometime AFTER the set of books we know are coming, or possibly as part of a mission in TATV2, some official stats for Gorn NPCs, to go with the ships we got on the Beta Quadrant book.

The Wizards of the Coast Star Wars game publishes a general “threats of the galaxy” book- maybe something like that would be a good place to include Gorn NPCs, plus NPCs for other races which don’t make it to the quadrant books, as well as ships we haven’t seen yet and don’t make the Quadrant books- the Valdore-class is conspicuously absent from the Romulan fleet…


The default year is 2371. Valdore Class is 2379

Valdore class was first seen on screen in 2379. Designs about that ship should be known much earlier. Also Luna class is 2372


I’d kinda like a Random Star Trek Episode Generator book.

Like, sometimes I don’t have time to do prep myself, but if I could perform some random roles and get an outline for a scenario, I could build on that.


I would appreciate a supplement about colonies as campaign locations.


I would like faction books for Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Ferengi, etc. There should less focus on background information (the quadrant books take care of that) and should basically modify the lifepath options and core rules to fit a career in the services of these particular empires.

I guess this is somewhat the same as the era and mirror universe books that have been suggested.


I like the idea of a “Monster Manual” type supplement for alien beasts. I usually take something that already exists in the core rulebook, and modify it slightly, which certainly works… but having more general archetypes would be great.


-Deck Tiles, Deck Tiles and more Deck Tiles!
-Star Trek Movie uniform minis (II-VI and First Contact-Nemesis)
-KDF Supplement
-Civilian Supplement (for playing characters like Quark, or even a ship full of traders…or pirates!)


I actually jury rigg a pirate crew with the Beta-Quadrant book, labled it Rougue Trek. Guess what, than I don’t know what to play with them in the Star Trek Universe.

Sorry for derailing.

At the risk of derailing further, I think a pirate crew in Trek could be pretty fun, though I am curious as to how pirates would handle encounters with some of the more…esoteric problems that can be found in space.

Sure, when you’re raiding Pakled conveys, consorting with the Orion syndicate, and outrunning Andorian patrol boats, it’s all a grand adventure. However, what happens when pirates encounter a giant green space hand? Or fall into a time-loop? Do pirate ships need to have pirate scientists to avoid having a multiphasic lifeform drain all their energy reserves and leave them stranded every other week?

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I think you’d mostly find pirates on the trade routes and in other well-explored locales. Most of that sort of thing happens while exploring strange new worlds. On the other hand, this is Star Trek, so it would probably be wise to be prepared with a scientist.

After the currently planned books are released, this is what I’d like to see.

Starship Deck plans. Not tiles, but actual deckplans aimed at roleplayers. The most versatile and useful ones are 11x17 and NOT for use with minis. Yes, minis are fun and can add to the game, but deck plans for them are simply too big and you wind up with piecemeal tile sets that are great for set encounters, but frankly suck in support of a player. I have some of the old 11x17’s and lay them out during play so the players have easy access. Unless it is an alien vessel, the PC’s will already know the layout of their own ship. This transforms the game from “player make suggestion and them GM makes it upon the fly” to “player announces their intent which is then gamed out”. “All turbo shafts are down, how long will it take to get to science lab 2 on deck six” becomes “Dang, with the turbo shafts down, science lab 2 is a long way. What other options do we have?”

Starbase, Space Station and Outpost deck plans. Apparently in the Star Trek universe everyone just breath vacuum because a usable plan of a station, any kind if Trek station don’t seem to exist. I emphasize usable that can be brought to the actual table, not a black based image that is useless for actual play but looks cool on a monitor.

Threat Deck plans. Same as Starship deck plans, but for threats to make playing out boarding one easier.

Books designed to give GM Advice specific to running a game in the three main era’s. ENT, TOS or TNG/DS9.

Klingon, Romulan, and Cardassian Source Books that both add to the GM’s knowledge when handling them as threats, but also to allow the running of a campaign playing PC’s from those empires.

GM Threat books detailing civilizations such as the Gorn and the Orion. Not aimed at playing characters from them, but with information for the GM on using them as encounters.

Major Event Books. The Dominion War and so on.

Books for non-Star Fleet organizations such as the Merchant Marine, the Colonization Bureau, etc.

A book on the Frontier. The edge of Federation Space.


I’d enjoy seeing some love for the original series and movies. Most things re-skin well for TOS/Movie era, but it would be nice to see a few more things for it.

A set of TOS and Movie deck tiles
A box of movie-era uniform miniatures
A box of TOS Klingon figures

A couple of adventures that were skinned with the TOS look. All the books so far are TNG era only.


This would be really cool. Like the campaign book they did for Mongoose Traveller

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