Official Product Wishlist

I would love to see a Mirror Universe sourcebook.

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These are all such awesome ideas guys, but as you can imagine we have to take a lot of budgeting and planning considerations into our product lines.

While you won’t see all of these ideas in print, a lot of them are mentioned or included in books coming up, like the quadrant sourcebooks or division supplements.


One can dream, right?

Having just seen the art inside the back cover of the Ops book (which is beautiful), one thing I would love for you guys to sell is A1/A2 poster versions of these art spreads.


As others have mentioned, I would dig seeing some faction-based Source Books, aimed at supporting GMs and Players who wish to play in the ST sandbox but not within Starfleet specifically. Klingons, Romulans, etc…

I still have some of my FASA supplements laying about, and a friend gifted me the Klingon book for Prime Directive from ADB (D20 version). These are nice to have, and I can of course convert some things myself (and have casually), but it would be really great to have source books designed for STA.

Continued Success Warriors!

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I prefer fewer more comprehensive sourcebooks. Ones that cover a lot of ground. Maximum appeal for minimum product.

Rather than just a KDF book, I wonder if a combined “Klingon and Romulan” book would work. Heck, might even be possible to slip the Cardassians in there.
Call it Hostile Forces or something.
Variants of reputation, alternate career events and life paths. Some notes on their militarises and the like. Doesn’t take much space, honestly. 30-pages on each would be overkill.
And to add some spice for people not playing that type of campaign, add some Starfleet officer NPC statblocks and ship blocks, which might be useful as rouge officers or reflavoured as other species.

A single Eras book might be nice. Something covering the major time periods (ENT, TOS, TNG and the three “lost years” eras between) and filling in some gaps with official support. Talk of the tone of each era, types of story, some history and hooks, etc.
Also mash in some extra Time Travel rules and options. That way it works for campaigns set in 2275, crews from 2375 travelling back a century, or time agent campaigns that might go to both years.
A little less than 20-pages on each era would be fine.

Honestly, between those two and the major announced releases, that’d do me for content. Everything else is gravy. (Or I can write myself…)


That art spread specifically is CBS’, commissioned for their Ships of the Line books, so I’d be reticent to do so.

Like Sam said, a lot of these are already in the works in some form or another, so hopefully the next 12 months or so will be fun times for you all.

One comment about species books–other than maybe the Klingons, I’m not sure a dedicated Romulan / Cardassian / Breen / Borg book would have enough broad appeal to justify the cost of development and production. Combining a bunch of the adversary species into one book might be more feasible; such an idea has already been pitched. :wink:

Lots of good ideas here. Keep them coming!

If nothing else, I’d like to see a full Dominion War supplement - it’s the immediate follow-on to our current “default timeline” and it could easily support a book’s worth of content.


Ships are characters as Roddenberry said, how about an “Advanced Starship” book of some kind? Maybe additional features or rules, a construction system, or a “Red Alert” style miniatures system.


That would be great! Or even a “Galactic Conflicts” supplement that had some info and direction on playing during the Romulan war, Tzenkethi wars, the war with the Cardies, and a substantial chunk on the Dominion war.

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Pretty sure we don’t have a license do to a starship minis skirmish game. I think WizKids’s Attack Wing has that covered.

I wonder whether a print-able set of starships, to the correct scale, might be doable? So it’s not as per Wizz-Kids (ie the same base rules as X Wing, too) but something as a combat aide

I would love to see fully customisable miniatures. Being able to equip my (for example) Bolian female with a phaser rifle, or a medi-kit, or a recorder and phaser combo.

Whether this was done as a box set or ordering parts individually I have no idea which would be the best option

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For me it is not necessarily a want for a book covering each suggestion. It is more of a want to see the suggestions covered in a book or books. Combining related ideas into books to optimize cost vs page count is a necessary part of the process. Which ever ideas are selected.

I do agree with vargr1 that some product aimed/skinned for TOS would be great. Yes, I know that everything can be converted from TNG oriented books, but other era themes could be converted to TNG/DS9 as well.

The primary item I would love is an official deck plan set. Back in the day a company called Cydonia 6 did what I consider the perfect RPG deck plan. You can see the thumbnails of one on Strategic Design Deck Plans is another and Starship Dynamics was the most recent, though SD has had to change their product line away from Trek. There have been several companies that have done similar plans over the years. Complimentary tiles are great, but a semi-detailed deck plan lets the players actually roleplay officers on a ship. Just seeing the layout of the ship does wonders on player input. The big problem, in my eyes, is they only keep repeating the same ship list. Those being the central ships in the series. I would love to see a wider net. A freighter, a scout, a liner. Klingon, Romulan or Cardassion. A few “un-afilliated” deck plans that can be used for alien ships at need. I guess this is a pet peeve of mine in RPGs. We have literally thousands of layouts for towns, inns, taverns and such. But most of the ship related deck plans are pretty sub par. Especially sea-going ships for historical based plans. But I digress. For Star Trek Adventures a series of medium detailed high res deck plans designed to 11x17 but with a high enough resolution PDF version that areas could be zoom into and printed for placement on the game table is my holy grail of RPG accessories.


@Bladedancer the Dominion war will be covered extensively in the Gamma Quadrant book.


When?! WHEN?!

I too would like to know that. I think we were spoiled when the Command book and the Beta Quadrant came out at the same time. :slight_smile:

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I don’t want to put out firm release dates until we can confirm them, but the Sciences Division supplement will follow in early 2019 with Alpha, Gamma and Delta then coming out every couple of months.

Series guides like Cubicle 7 did for each iteration of the Doctor for the Dr Who rpg, so one for Star Trek the original series, next gen etc… Each one covers the entire series with game stats for each episode and how to run them on your players. Might have to publish Next Gen, DS9 and Voyager into multiple volumes.

Sourc3 book for th3 movies would be nice.

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