Official Product Wishlist

Tough to tell until we see what is actually contained in the currently planned books. But I have a couple of suggestions:

Something on additional time periods - Before and after the default period has a lot of cannon material, if perhaps not enough for individual books. Maybe combining this with the Mirror universe and cannon future tech could make a good sized sourcebook.

It probably isn’t a popular idea, but I’d also be interested to see a future reprint splitting the player and GM material into two seperate books. Running the game for a games shop, I find it very difficult to sell the core book because of the price. It’s a lot of book for your money, but large sections of it isn’t necessary for a ‘turn up on the day’ player.

Additional formats for things like character sheets and a complete digital version with (perhaps unlockable) source book content. Would be useful. I can only roll half my needed characters on there at the moment, with limited talent access


I’d love to see something like this, especially for the TOS movie era. I love those red uniforms and the sleek look of the ships, both inside and out.

Many RPG makers repress Players Guides and GM Toolkits, so I don’t think it’d be out of the question.

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I would love to see more Starship and space craft info. Maybe a more of a ASDB for the ships.


I’d like to see that too.

And they did players guides for Conan. So maybe they will do it for Trek too.

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Doesn’t have to be a skirmish game, just more “chrome” for battles.

For example; you could have a series of defensive or attack profiles (“present minimal aspect” and “Kirk Epsilon” were mentioned in TNG among others) perhaps with different Attribute and Disciplines, or Difficulties. There could be a “rock, scissors, paper” element as well where certain moves are particularly good (or bad) against others.

The idea of a “builders” book for player designed classes might be neat as well.

Just some suggestions :wink:

I made attack pattern cards that use RPS7 (a seven option version of rock, paper, scissors), except I made the various attack patterns (alpha, beta, omega, etc) replace the standard RPS7 options. Basically each option beats 3 other options and you can use them to battle it out for an advantage.

What about some of the other art?? I don’t have a specific request in mind…yet…

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With a “Battlepedia”?
Containig important Battles, Participant, Commanders, Fleetstrengh?
Black Ops?

And did we get more information about the Federation-Klingon War?

I would be interested in more information on this - my homebrew is going to be battle-heavy, so this could be extremely useful

I would be extremely interested in this, as my homebrew is going to be battle heavy, so could be very useful

I’ve been toying with something similar; care to share your work?

Here’s some 1:7000 scale minis I’ve painted to support our adventures; I think it’s cool to see them all in scale. (They still need weathering and a matte coat, but you get the idea)…IMG_1319

I would love to have something like this for my game. Currently using to scale cardboard cut outs - not quite the same. Are these available somewhere?

Yes, relatively inexpensive from Armadillo Miniatures at Model Shapeways; the “Attack Wing” Sets are compatible with existing stands.

I may consider mixing scales eventually; a scale D’Deridex is nearly a foot long and pricey! These were all around $10-$15. I pay a little more for a smoother finish; the Excelsior above has the grainy, less expensive finish and I think it is too rough looking.

Sure, I’ll find the files next time I’m on my computer and upload them.

Those ships look nice. I love in scale ships! Of course, when I start thinking about the scale of other things, like the earth (which is over 3.5 miles in diameter at 1:7000) or their firing range (with effective targeting at 1 3/4 miles or more away at the same scale) it starts to boggle my brain lol!

That’s one of the things I like with these rules; it’s enough to say “close” range - whereas in fact, at close range the ships wouldn’t be in visual contact to the Mk1 eyeball


Nice looking ships. I got mine from from Armadillo too and they are 1:7000 as well. Era has a significant effect on model size though so my costs were quite low comparatively. Your vessels look

far more imposing though.

This might be useful to think about - I tend to consider “close range” on ship scale to be within transporter range under most circumstances… so that’s roughly 40,000 kilometres. That means that Earth, plus everything within high orbit of Earth, fits comfortably in a single zone (entering the zone doesn’t mean you hit the planet, just that you’re in orbit).

Even at that scale, the Moon is still at extreme range, and may be on the other side of the map - even if you used regular hexes, 40,000km on a side, it would be 10 hexes away.

Beautifully painted! :vulcan_salute:

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Just been watching SoT on G&S, and Eric’s role table for casualties would be useful (unless I’ve missed it somewhere)

A roll table for random encounters would also be useful- I’m planning on putting one together for when my crews reach the dominion war, as it wouldn’t be out of the realms for them to run in to things as they travel between missions.

The other thing I’m working on is a requisition system to effectively let the crew go shopping for upgrades to their ship over time. Not sure if that’s the kind of thing that other games would use?

Eric’s table for random crew casualties is something of his own devising - you’d be better off contacting him (through twitter would be easiest) to get it.

Ship upgrades over time is, rules as written, handled through character advancement - you can improve the ship using milestones that the characters earn.