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What's next for Star Trek RPG

Is there any news or update besides adventures on whats next in line for the Star Trek RPG?

Klingon GM screen is en route to distribution and stores. Klingon dice are available now. Klingon quickstart was just recently released. PDF mission pack 1 came out last week; expect more of those along with more standalone adventures.

Major announced releases include the Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide and the Tricorder collector’s box set. Plenty more products in the works (Including Discovery and Picard products) and to be announced eventually. Stay tuned and save your latinum.


Looking forward to the Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide and the Discovery and Picard products.
The only one I don’t understand is the Tricorder collector box set.
To my opinion it is yet another basebook with no new material included, or am I wrong.
That was the reason I din’t buy a hard copy of the Klingon book.
For the rest I have bought both the PDF’s and and hard copies.
I relay hope that at some point they will release the following books, I would certainly spend my money on all of these books:
Starship book
Species book (and small pdf’s on individual species)
Secret Service
Renegades & Rogues (Pirates and Raiders)
Time Travel book
Academy book
Psionic book
Romulan book
Borg book
Dominion book
Cardassian book

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In both cases, you’re wrong. The Klingon core is a top-down revision of the core book with new rules, new options, and a ton of new content oriented toward Klingons (setting lore, spaceframes, NPCs, etc.)

Tricorder set is a top-down revision of the core rulebook, oriented toward the Original Series, along with the original series characters, an original set of characters for the USS Lexington, a three-part campaign, dice, and tokens.


There’s a wishlist in this forum, while we’re at it. :wink:

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I’d be interested to dig down a bit further on what you are actually after with a lot of those books, if you’re willing? Maybe they’ll be something I’ll become excited to hope for.

For example- “Starship Book” - The majority (if not all?) canon starfleet ships have now been covered between the core book and the command division, other than newer frames from disco/picard/etc. What additional content would you be looking for in order to make it worth you spending another $30 on a book?

(Edited as corrected)

I assure you that there is a fair amount of beta canon in there, too. I’m one of the perpetrators, and I am by no means alone.


[quote=“mattcapiche, post:6, topic:14480, full:true”]Bearing in mind thay Modiphius don’t touch anything that isn’t alpha canon wouldn’t a lot of these topics would be very limited beyond what’s presented in current releases?

You may not be reading our books that closely. Beta canon is mixed in with alpha canon rather a lot. :slight_smile:


I stand corrected

The Titan was not canon when it was first published in Command book. Now of course it is.

The specifics weren’t, but its existence was - mentioned in Nemesis

Starship book: What I would love to see is the following:
-New character Talents oriented toward starships and starship combat. Example: Multi-Vector-
Assault Mode Specialist (Different one for: Command, Conn, Engineering, Security), Starship
Fighter Pilot
-New Roles: Wing Commander (Starship Fighters), Special Forces (Hazard Team, MACO’s), Tactical Officer (Starship Weapons officer)
-Starship maneuvers (Picard maneuver, Riker maneuver, guidelines for creating your own unique
-Starship Fighter wings (Valckery class, peregrine class,…)
-Starship combat examples
-Starship combat expansion (grid based combat, firing arcs, obstacles,…)
-Alternate starship travel (Talents): Quantum Slipstream, Transwarp, Warp 10, Folding space,
subspace coridors, temporal drives
-New space frames and rules to design your own space frames.
-Extra Starship Talents: Ablative armor generator (Voyager 7.25 & 7.26 Endgame Part I & II), Cloak
Chang’s Bird of Prey (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country), Coaxial warp drive (Voyager 4.20
“Vis a Vis”), Interphase cloak (TNG 7.12 “The Pegasus”), Metaphasic Shield (TNG 6.22
“Suspicions”), Unimatrix shielding (Voyager 5.3 “Extreme Risk”), Multi-Vector Assault Mode &
Regenerative shields (Voyage 4.14 Message in a Bottle / I know that MVAM it is in the Gamma
Quadrant book but it is an NPC ship and the MVAM doens’t offer any tactitcal abilities. We see the 2 EMH using it succesfully against multiple ships with success but this is not reflected in its abilities), Neural interface (Voyager 6.5 “Alice”), Quantum Slipstream Drive (Voyager 4.26 “Hope and Fear” & 5.6 “Timeless”), Temporal Drive (Voyager 3.8 & 3.9 “Future’s End, Part I & II”), Transwarp Drive (various Borg, Voth,…),…
-Extra Starship Weapons: Cardassian ATR-4107 Plasma Wave (Voyager 2.17 “Dreadnought”),
Isokinetic Cannon (Voyager 4.17 “Retrospect”), Transphasic Torpedoes (Voyager 7.25 & 7.26
Endgame Part I & II), Subatomic disruptor (Voyager 3.8 & 3.9 “Future’s End, Part I & II”),…

Our group has no interest in anything beyond TOS so this may be something to look at.

There are a few things in this list that have already been covered such as the Interphase Cloak - there isn’t stats for it, but there is coverage at least (operations division I think?).

Others you are extremely unlikely to see such as combat on a grid- STA works in zones.

There are a few things on that list that I would have interest in as well though, along with others I feel like I would be perfectly comfortable being left to GMs with their existing toolset. Interesting list

Well. Look at this list. :slight_smile:


*click*, *click*


Operations Division, p. 38 f.

Klingon Empire, p. 116

Best handled with create advantage momentum/determination spend

I suspect there will be some within the DIS supplement(s).

Would break a core concept of the game but, hey, why not? :slight_smile:

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Will the Tricorder set be available in PDF form for purchase on Drivethru like the Borg cube collector set and all the other STA products. I’m interested in it but I no longer buy anything in physical form, after losing a 30+ year collection of games, books, etc. a few years back due to a hurricane.

I would assume so. Have they ever released a rules product and not done a PDF?

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I totally forget about these roles. Thx for reminding me :sweat_smile:

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Yes, there’ll be a PDF version of the tricorder set. Won’t include the dice, naturally.


For my part, I can’t wait to see stats on the Discovery and Picard ships. I’m especially curious to see how Modiphius stats the ISS Charon (I’m estimating that thing must be Scale 14!). As for every other Star Trek ship (WARNING: INCOMING SHAMELESS PLUG!), I took the liberty of taking the Eaglemoss in-universe scale pictures of the Star Trek ships from The Official Starship Collection Magazine, (see here) to make my own fanmade estimation of every starship’s individual Scale. The folks at Continuing Mission and I have been collaborating on an upcoming article that we’re hoping to publish there within a week’s time. Granted, it’s all fanmade and not official, but if people here manage to see it there, then I certainly wouldn’t mind.

Jim, would Modiphius need any sort of licensing to reference anything from Eaglemoss and/or The Official Starship Collection Magazine? All the sizes of starships depicted in their scale pictures are official canon, but would there still be legal issues involved in referencing them? I’m a lawyer, but my Intellectual Property class in law school almost drove me insane so I suppressed all my memories of that class. :crazy_face:

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