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Official Product Wishlist

What might be a cool product (I’d definitely buy it, anyway) is a series of “campaign framework” books as companions to each quadrant book.

I’m thinking about something primarily with GM advice on how to run a campaign in the style of each of the series, looking at how you’d set up such a game, considerations for what ship you’d give the players, possible areas of trouble to watch out for, etc.

For the Delta Quadrant, it’d be a book on how to design and run a Voyager-esque campaign where the players are stuck on the other side of the galaxy. So there could be rules on downgrading the ship rather than upgrades (reflecting damage repaired by incompatible or lower quality alien parts), on integrating aliens into the crew, alternate rewards for the players since character promotions and ship upgrades are not going to be available 50,000 light years from home, etc.

And there could also be advice on how to tie in themes from history and myth - how can you draw in “The Odyssey” as inspiration for your Voyager-style game, etc.

And also ideas on different ways to structure the campaign - as a quest (find these three ancient alien artifacts to build a makeshift transwarp generator and get home right away), or as a straight-line journey back home, or other possibilities (how to handle it if your players decide getting home is impossible so why not create a mini-Federation on the other side of the galaxy).

No one’s saying their life will end. I’m concerned that complete silence on what comes next is going to be interpreted by segments of the population to mean that nothing is coming next or that there’s trouble with the line. That’s a typical response. We’re not “entitled” to any announcements, but, if handled within reason, they help maintain both awareness and anticipation. It’s hard for people to look forward to something, to be excited about something, when they don’t see anything on the horizon at all.

I’d like to see more of a balance between Modiphius keeping mum in order to not set unreasonable expectations, and them keeping everyone completely in the dark to the point where players may lose interest because it seems the game is “dead” if there’s nothing known in the pipleline. There’s got to be a middle ground, somewhere.

With the current health scare and the fact they are Launching three new 2D20 systems this year I would imagine that all the creative teams are being temporarily reassigned to whichever they can help with the most, but since they are currently having to work from home due to the CEO taking the sensible precaution for his staff of closing the offices I would assume we get what we get at the moment and maybe use this as an opportunity to get some more play in and maybe see if we as end game users can help the many by running some online stuff where we can for those in need of some rp time while in self isolation.

[quote=“TimPendragon, post:451, topic:816, full:true”]I’d like to see more of a balance between Modiphius keeping mum in order to not set unreasonable expectations, and them keeping everyone completely in the dark to the point where players may lose interest because it seems the game is “dead” if there’s nothing known in the pipleline. There’s got to be a middle ground, somewhere.

Not aimed at you, more chin-stroking musing. I never quite got the idea that there was anything wrong with playing a ‘dead’ game. Does a game group’s experience decrease because there are no new products coming out for a game? I know my group has gotten a ton of mileage out of old games like TSR’s Star Frontiers and Marvel Superheroes, and even older Trek games from FASA and LUG well after the games (and companies) folded.

Star Trek’s got new life as an IP now thanks to Discovery and Picard and the other series coming up. We still have a ton of potential runway to play with for the game line. The challenge for me and the STA development team is that Modiphius has grown exponentially in the last three years. (A good problem to have, really, though for fans of one specific game line like maybe Conan, STA, etc., maybe not so great news, because all the talent and assets and staff and freelancers that may have had a couple projects to work on, now have lots and lots of stuff to work on. And the marketing folks have dozens of products to juggle for release dates, advertising, etc. etc. etc.). Fun and dynamic times, for sure.

I can only ask for your patience. Some cool stuff is coming. Save up your latinum. :slight_smile:


I just wanna see stats for the Romulan Mogai.

Not aimed at you, more chin-stroking musing. :wink:
I think this is the point, consumer-wise. I’m still playing D&D v3.5 which discontinued twelve years ago. Did that change the fun I have with the game? No, definetly not. But I also don’t keep looking for new material because I know that there is nothing more to come (from Wizards, that is to say).

And, as others mentioned in this thread, if STA is discontinuing, I’ll probably save up my latinum for other products.

I’m happy that Modiphius grew so much, because I hope that this raises the probability of STA staying alive for another couple of years and you’ll have time and money to release more products. I admire your work until now, and I love to hear that more is coming.

So: I’ll definetly save up my latinum.

Another wish for the official wish-list: Keep the level of coolness you kept until today. You (=Modiphius) may then shut up and take my latinum. :wink: :wink: :wink: I’ll be patient. I promise. :slight_smile:

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It is great to see this thread is staying active.

My wish list:

  • Mirror Universe Book
    v^v^ maybe combine v^v^

  • Department of Temporal Investigations Book

  • Non-Federation PC Lifepath and Advancement (maybe alien ship refits too)

  • Ship/NPC Compendium (Maybe only digital but I would really enjoy a physical one)

  • A Digital GM Guide that removed all of the extra breakout info and lore.
    (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the lore and it needs to stay in the physical copies but I’d like to have a reference for this game that is the game without the random letter from Quark)

  • Static cling tokens to make any map a Star Trek Adventures map

  • TNG themed dice would be cool

All things considered this is a great game that I really enjoy as is so the more you guys add the more I’m going to appreciate. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. The best thing Star Trek ever taught me was that it’s fun to look forward to the future.
=/= LLAP =/=

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I’d also be interested In a mirrior universe book. (I understand that could be tricky given the overlapping properties involved)


I mentioned this elsewhere, but I’d love to see a “starships of the federation” and “starships of the galaxy” books so I can look for them in one place. I would also love to see the return of the FASA control panels. During a ship combat scene, that really brought the group together in my experience.

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Not really tricky as such. We just wouldn’t include content from series that we can’t use. Plenty of stuff in the ‘legacy’ series to work with. Discovery added a lot to the MU, but not so much that we couldn’t work around it if we had to.


I’d love to see some content providing stats and information for the ships, settings and events in Picard if possible.

Unfortunately the license Modiphius has only goes up to Enterprise. So Discovery and Picard are off limits for any future books.
At the moment anyway… We can always hope for a license extension.

Whether it would make financial sense for what are essentially splat books is an issue though.

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Sign me up for a Mirror Universe book and non-federation PCs.

Edit: Sheepish admission. I played with the character creator and saw it said things like “DS9” indicating what sourcebook to look in for other races. Suddenly I see a massive list of possible options and I’m in a great mood.

Because Borg Tribbles sound like the best thing ever.

You can already do non-Federation PCs. Was there something specific you were looking for beyond that?

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Perhaps a few more civilian roles? Things like CO & XO might work for civilian starships, but not for many other types of civilian games.

Actually, more roles in general would be good. I would still like a Tactical Officer role distinct from Chief of Security as those don’t necessarily have to be combined into a single role.

Had a fun interview with Michael Dismuke at Continuing Mission about the game; some of the product ideas here were mentioned. Check it out if you’d like. Either way, thanks for your passion and support of the game!


Hmm. I’m looking at the list of roles in the CRB as I type this. I think most of these roles, or at least their benefit text, could easily be used in a civilian game by revising the flavor text and tweaking the benefits a touch. You’d have a captain, maybe an XO, a boss in the engineering room, probably a head of ship security, a pilot, sensors or the like, etc. Probably not a counselor, maybe not a medic or doctor, but I suspect it’d be easy enough to pull it together.

I was thinking more along the lines of roles that would fit Quark, Rom, Jake Sisko, Garak, Morn, Leeta, etc.

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So, with the up front caveat that I have no idea what kind of leeway Modiphius’ license with CBS gives them for periods which are lightly or not at all covered in canon, I’d really like to see an Eras of Play book. I get that you couldn’t really mess with the DISCO and PICARD eras but it would be lovely to have some more ENT, TOS, TMP (TOS movies), and pre-TNG 24th century resources. Again, I know it might not be possible due to legal restraints, but still, it’s on my wishlist.

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We need a set of minis six minis featuring Kor, Kang, Koloth alongside Kor Kang and Koloth with ridges.