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What next for the Star Trek Adventure RPG

What other rules do you need, though? I think the core rulebook and the info/advice in the Command Sourcebook about social conflicts and the info in the Operations Sourcebook about Starfleet Intelligence and Section 31 might help? Maybe rather than rules, just more advice on running intelligence and counter-intelligence campaigns?

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That would be fantastic. Maybe as a series of 20 page PDFs rather than 100 page books - campaign frameworks with advice, pitfalls to watch out for, maybe some advice on tweaking the campaigns for different eras, and you could do one for Intellogence campaigns, one for a Science campaign, etc.

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I really like this idea. A kind of campaign guide with everything you need to get you started, help you to come up with episodes and reference as you play. Some relevant roll tables, prebuilt NPCs that the crew may encounter and key locations. I’m working on something similar for my Starfleet Academy series (because I’ve already done the research and made all the mistakes so why should you?)

I’m also well up for more VTT stuff, especially tools I can use to more easily make things for my players. A thing that’s struck me recently is (without intending at all to disparage other GMs who work really hard to put together their sessions) how easy it is to make really striking fantasy content. Sure, I can put together a forest or whatever pretty easily, but if I want to plonk down a building I have a selection of 19863 fantasy houses or taverns and nothing that really fits the Star Trek aesthetic. Same with characters and NPCs, I pretty much have to make most things myself from scratch. I can’t even use the STO Foundry any more since they axed it! I’m still hand-drawing most of my maps which is not my strongest suit. I’ve been looking into VTTs a lot during the current situation but it just seems like a such a faff and I’m still going to have to do most stuff by hand or using external tools.

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I’ve found the exact same thing. I have the Starfleet tiles, and I have them as PDF, but things like character tokens, generic trek-tech, and things like this, I’m really struggling with

More advice, yes. That was the word I was looking for when i wrote that and only came up with rules…lol. I definitely would love to see a sourcebook on the various intelligence agencies.

Super I’m looking forward to it.

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The Original Series era needs more love. :smiley:

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I know that starship combat is off limits due to the attack wing game, but my group really liked the tactical combat simulator (the control panels were awesome) Even if you got rid of the tabletop element but put out something online that had all the PC’s on their ship fighting another ship (just a little less narrative than in the core rule book) That would be great! You could call it advanced rules, or detailed combat. This might allow you to avoid the restrictions of the attack wing license.

Overall, great job! Especially with everything going on now, I hope that the VTT stuff is coming sooner than later.

I made house rules for more tactical combat. Feel free to use them:

Weapon systems and fire arcs:

Each installed weapon systems (including Tractor Beam) on a starship starts with a 90° arc (usually the front arc).

In addition each starship receives a number of extra 90° fire arcs equal to ½ their scale rounded down.

Divide the arcs among the different installed weapon systems.

If you chose the same Arc a second time the damage increases by 1 for each additional time.

Starbases have a 360° fire arc for all of its weapon systems.

The Extra Arcs Talent may be taken to increase the number of arcs.

Missile Weapons: Blue color

Beam Weapons: Red color

Tractor Beams: Green color



Requirements: Gamemaster’s discretion only.

The starship receives an additional number of fire arcs equal to ½ its size rounded down.

Divide the arcs among the different weapon systems (including Tractor Beams).

Example1: Klingon K’ Vort Class (Scale 5)

3 installed weapon systems Disruptors Cannons (Front 90°) / Torpedo’s (Front 90°) / Tractor Beam (Aft 90°)

2 (5/2 rounded down) extra Fire Arcs: Tractor Beam front 90° / Torpedo’s aft 90°

K’ Vort
Example 2: Starfleet Sovereign Class (Scale 6)

3 installed weapon systems Phaser Arrays (Front 90°) / Torpedo’s Quantum & Photon (Front 90°) / Tractor Beam (Aft 90°)

3 (6/2 rounded down) extra Fire Arcs: Phaser Arrays +90° (Front 180°) / Tractor Beam front 90° / Torpedo’s Quantum & Photon aft 90°


Movement and turn ratio:

TURN: DIFFICULTY: SQ Cost: (rounded down)

Forward +0 1

45° +0 ¾ Scale

90° +1 1 + ¾ Scale

135° +2 2 + ¾ Scale

180° +3 3 + ¾ Scale

360° +4 4 + ¾ Scale

Land/Launch Scale Scale


Zones: Squares:

Contact Touching

Close 1

Medium 2

Long 10

Extreme 1 20

Extreme 2 40

Extreme 3 80

Modified Tasks:

Impulse (Power 1): The flight controller uses the ship’s impulse engines to move anywhere within Long range (Up to 10 SQ). This is a Difficulty (Turn angle) Control + Conn Task, assisted by the ship’s Engines + Conn. Success at a cost
Maneuver: Use the ship’s thrusters to adjust position and moves to anywhere within Medium range (up to 2 SQ). This is a Difficulty 0 Control + Conn Task, assisted by the ship’s Engines + Conn. Success at a cost

Ramming Speed (Power 1): Choose one target within Long range (up to 10 SQ) and move towards them at full speed. This is an attack with a Difficulty 2 Daring + Conn Attack Task, assisted by the ship’s Engines + Conn. This +1 Difficulty per range category beyond Close. Successful = both ships suffer damage: Target ship: 2A + Ramming Ship’s Scale (Spread, Vicious 1 effects, Devastating quality). Ship: Target’s Scale A (Spread, Vicious 1 effects, Devastating quality).

Warp (Power 1 per zone): Use the ship’s warp drive to move two or more zones in a straight line (bursts of warp speed). This is a Difficulty 0 Control + Conn Task, assisted by the ship’s Engines + Conn. Increase the Difficulty (+1 object in long range starting position, +1 object in long range on destination, +1 multiple objects) when there are objects (planet, starbase, ships) in range. A ship may not spend more Power to go to warp than its Engines score. This Task can be used to leave the battle field, which will normally end the scene, though a ship may choose to pursue. To pursue, must spend more power than the fleeing ship to catch up with them.

Fire Weapon (Power Energy 1, Torpedo 2): Nominate an active weapon system, chooses a viable target, and make an attack. This is a Difficulty (Energy weapons 2 / Torpedoes 3) Control + Security Task, assisted by the ship’s Weapons + Security. The Difficulty of the attack can increase depending on certain circumstances: +1 when targeting a specific System / +1 for each range band outside the optimal range / +1 target outside Front or Aft 90° fire arc (+1 power). Energy weapons: may spend up to 2 additional Power to increase the damage by +1 A per additional Power spent. Torpedoes “Full Spread”: adds 2 more to Threat, but add +1 A to the attack’s Damage and grants the Spread effect.

In my experience tactical combat disrupst the roleplaying experience.


That’s very true, but not only that, but it doesn’t actually simulate what we see on screen. The Enterprise D, a massive starship, had no trouble with fast and tight manuevering. We have massive ships targeting each other from huge distances (based on the ranges they say, not actually what we see, since they appear to be much closer) where firing arcs make almost no difference at all since the ship’s can maneuver so quickly. If they are in the same zone, they could be close enough to try to outmaneuver a ship so as to get outside of its firing arc, but that would functionally just be a Create Advantage Task to try to stay behind a bird of prey, for example, then their difficulty is increased to try to attack you, since they have to try to outmaneuver you while doing so. That way it’s just so much more streamlined for better roleplaying and it’s more thematic.
In short: I agree. Tactical combat stifles role-playing and fails to accurately deliver Star Trek combat.


I would love to see something like that, too.

But I think they have a problem with tinkering too much with their own creativity as opposed to what’s been shown in the shows due to licensing. But, I dunno… :wink:

But I think it would be cool to come up with a ton of new flora and fauna and the environments they can be found in as opposed to specific planets the come from.

Probably something for a fan publication. (or a thread…)

We are 1 month further since the last book came out, is there any update on what is comming next?

Modiphius did make a mention that a Star Trek: Enterprise crew-book was in final stages. Beyond that, I don’t think I’ve heard any announcements.

ENT crew pdf, iconic villains pdf, and more standalones to be released in the next six weeks. No other announcements yet.


Looking forward to what that could be.
The Iconic Villains sounds cool


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Iconic Villains will present Major NPC write-ups for the eight villains contained in the miniatures set: Gorn captain, Khan, Q, the Borg queen, Dukat, Lore, Chang, and Locutus.


Wanted to throw a few ideas in the pot for future supplements.

-A guide for non-Starfleet campaigns, in particular for campaigns set in the Klingon Empire featuring Klingon warrior PCs (just curious, are there rules for Klingon Augments - aka TOS Klingons - anywhere?), and for independent trader campaigns. Both would hopefully include Spaceframes to generate appropriate PC ships (D7, K’Tinga, B’Rel, Vor’cha for the Klingons, etc.).

-More love for the Original Series era, extending from Discovery/Strange New Worlds up to the TOS films. Obviously the former is problematic at best because of licensing issues - up to ViacomCBS rather than Modiphius - but it’s good to throw in an extra vote of support. The TOS films are my favorite period in the Trek timeline, and it would be awesome to see more more gameable information from that era. TOS era Deck Tiles would be really nice, too. Also, PC stats for the TOS Enterprise crew during the movies, evolving them from the already published stats depicting them during the television stories.

-A Starship Construction Manual/Codex, detailing how to create custom Spaceframes and Starship Roles to build wholly original PC ships…and NPC ships, too. So far, the canonical ships are pretty much covered, but I’m sure there are a few groups wanting to create totally original ships.

-Other colors of official STA d20s. A part of me would like to see dice for the TOS movie departments, adding command white, security dark green and medical light green to the three classic colors. Klingon d20s and challenge dice would be awesome, too.

Joe Van Ginkel

I’m going to second (87th?) the suggestion for books dealing with other species. I’d 100% buy a Way of the Kahless book about Klingons written in the same vein as the core book is written for Starfleet.

I liked a previous suggestion for combing different groups into one book. Maybe the Romulans and Klingons one supplement that focuses on their history with each other, and the Federation.