Continuing Mission Wishlist

If there’s a character, ship, rules or article you would like to see as fan-content on Continuing Mission, let us know here. We can’t promise anything, but at least this will let the writers know what you’re interested in, and perhaps develop something for the site. Serious suggestions only. Thanks!


Mentioned it on Reddit previously, I think an article on Small Craft not covered in the Core/Command books. Not necessarily complete stat write ups but maybe a look at the various types across the eras and a description on how and why they are used.

Also mentioned in response to the change in management post on Continuing Mission, a look at incidental crew and civilian crew, e.g. Mr Mott

I would always welcome additional pre-written adventures (a sizeable task I know) or adventure hooks. Maybe even scenarios that GMs could drop in to their current game.

Perhaps articles on individual main characters with a detail of their history and their life in Starfleet, with different character sheets representing different points in their career, their skills and ideals at those times. E.g Kirk at “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, at TMP then finally at TUD.

The USS Lakota from DS9 Lost Paradise/Homefront would be great. As a Excelsior Variant, which in my opinion is missing in general.

The Excelsior class vessels had been in service for almost a century by the time USS Lakota engaged USS Defiant in 2372. Just having a look at the Starship creator that makes it pretty beastly with 8 refit improvements. I balanced the 8 points as evenly as I could to represent the excelsior class ship gradually being improved with an emphasis on weapons as they were the system highlighted in the episode. We also know she had quantum torpedoes. I put a second focus the program had on targeting to again represent upgraded tactical systems.

I’ve seen people previously ask for the Prometheus class as a ship, though the Multi-Vector Assault Mode may end up being a clunky Talent to write up.

Not necessarily, using whats already in the game system the other sections could function like uncontrolled characters providing an advantage or be allowed their own assist rolls when attempting tasks that use ship’s systems.

Sone more species from Orville.
Characters from DS9.
Animals and Creatures
Alien Tecnology

Please and thank you

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Personally I’d like to see more original species that could be added into a campaign. When your PCs are playing explorers a GM needs a lot of new faces (forehead of the week or otherwise :wink:).

Also some adventures, whether stand-alone or story archs.

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Prometheus class is here:

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I’d like to see material on the Merchant Marines and some thoughts on creating merchant marine PCs or NPCs.

Have we seen any profiles for the individualized Borg? I’m imagining they’d lose the adaption while adding their forced plasma beam weapons for ranged attacks, but there’d also be room for characters of different types- minor and notable generics, as well as named major NPCs, like Hugh and Crosus (or a similar Borg to serve as a leader the more malevolent factions…)

I would very much welcome some material on ocean planets, aquatic vehicles, underwater operations and thelike.

Pretty sure there are rules for freed Borg in the Voyager character pack. I just don’t have any idea when that’s going to see the light of day.


I would like to see snippet adventures, or stand alone scenarios. I would also like to see specifics for the Dominion War, although it’s after the core play years.

I would also like to see Dominion squads, and customisable miniatures, and the additional races in both miniature form and on the Character Creator site


Oh I’d also like an expanded/offline gamesmaster app with combat tracking, character control, mapping software, damage tracker, and customisable graphics.

Not much, really… :wink:

A combat tracker is something I’d like to see, especially for starship combat. @TonyPi’s coaster designs are very nice, but I don’t use miniatures, and who’s done what is difficult to keep track of!


Thanks for all the replies so far. We are improving our site shortly, so more suggestions are very welcome.

When it comes to fan generated content for games that are currently in production, I really like to see things that aren’t likely to be released (and thereby made obsolete). Things like adventure modules, write-ups for unique species’ to meet during our explorations, ships/characters/species that are not included in Modiphius’ license (Discovery, Star Trek books, etc.)

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@TonyPi Does the contact form on your site work ?

I tried to reach you with a suggestion and question, but I am not sure if it arrived to the correct place, so just adding once more here:

  • Suggestion: I like Mephit James’ review of the products, in case you would plan to continue wit such reviews, maybe a summary table (title/type/tribble rating) linking to individual products review would be handy
  • Question: The second page of the PDF character sheet of Ardon Nortt says his trait is Caitian, even he is Bolian - is it correct ?

There are several of us at Continuing Mission, so it may have just gone to one person. I will pass your comments here along, and see if we can make it easier for feedback. Thanks!