Painted Klingon Minis

Over the holiday, I finished painting all of my Star Trek Adventures Klingons. Some are traditional and some are untraditional. Some are primed and some are not. I’m mostly pleased. While not the first time I painted minis, I’m still sorting out the basics. Check them out!


Those are fantastic! I am very jealous…

Nice job they look good.

Cool! I especially love the one in green and purple and the warrior in ermine. :smiley:

He was one of the figures that did not get primed and I think it worked out better as a result. Not sure I’d prime others in the future.

Those look great, I’ve been painting warhammer figures for a while and just got the TNG crew to paint up. Question from me is how many of you actually use figures to play? They seem a little surplus to requirements? As I am new to STA I just wondered what they are used for?


Well, I always like tokens of some sort to represent characters on the battlefield. I come from playing D&D where this is very important. While STA’s combat system is way more streamlined, it’s always good to know in what zone a character is. Of course, you can always represent characters with spare dice or just small pieces of paper with names or just letters written on it. But the miniatures are better looking.

(Of course, if there would be the possibility to print customised miniatures… wiggles eyebrows at @Modiphius-Jim )

That being said, the Operations Division supplement introduced a set of miniature-based combat. They used to be free to download in the shop, just watch out for a ruleset called “Red Alert”. Surely not as advanced as Warhammer, but more like it than STA standard rules, I suppose (I never played Warhammer).

@davegraham04 do you use yours in play? In a Klingon group? Or as adversaries?

Yes I prefer figures as well, I was just wondering how often they are used that was all. I guess for zones etc they are invaluable.

I have just started making CGI versions of my crew for the character sheets but it would be great if I could get custom versions as figures as well. I might have to look at exporting the models to 3D print.

What program are you using to make that CGI portrait? It looks good!

Its made in Reallusion Character Creator 3. The uniforms a bit poor as it was a quick knock up in an hour. I would like to build a better uniform in Blender at some point but it is fine for now.


It seems that I can export the characters I make and then print them on my 3D printer. Result!

Is that a program like Daz Studio that allows you to shape digital models and render them in 3D?

Yes it is except you can fully model the mesh amd textures in real time in program. It also has a sister program called iclone 7 in which you can do animation and render as video.

There are several plug ins which give even more refinements to the models and textures.

Its not cheap though but they each do a 30 day trial on both programs which is what I am using at the moment. I may or may not buy it moving forward.

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