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Romulan Strike Team

I picked up a Romulan Strike Team and decided to paint them in the scheme Enterprise and Nemesis share. I doubt I could manage close to a perfect representation of the scheme without doubling or tripling the work time on each mini so I opted for a representational scheme that does the trick all right. Great figures that required very little clean up prior to priming and painting and the resin is good quality stuff that carves well. I’m going to have to finish the second half of the team then look into obtaining some more. I think the TNG away team would make excellent ENT era figures with a bit of work and I’m optimistic the material is up to the task.romulanstriketeam1%20001 romulanstriketeam1%20010


Nice job they look great.

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Nice job! What paints did you use?

A mix of Vallejo and GW.