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With bloodwine and Bat'leth

Hi all! It’s a great pleasure to join the Modiphius forum!

I built and painted some Klingons and I couldn’t resist to paint Jean-Luc. :slight_smile: It was real fun to work with these fine miniatures! So here are the snapshots:

The rest of the TNG crew and some other Klingons waiting on my workbench :wink:

Hope you like my work.
Kind regards or should I say…
Stefan aka Krautwerk


Nice job looking good.


Digging these paint jobs. The source lighting is a nice touch. I’m curious, the red lighting effects on the KDF troops appears very pink in some areas, is that the result of the pictures themselves, or does the lighting run pink as it lightens?

Regardless, looking forward to seeing the rest of your work as you get to it.

Great work. I’d like to pick up some of these myself. Seeing such well painted ones makes it more pressing. I’m most interested in the generic TNG away team. With a bit of green stuff I’m hoping to have them dressed in 22nd century flight suits.

Awesome work.