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Attack on Veltar IV

Hi All,

Star Trek - Attack on Veltar IV 32 mm.


Figures/creatures - the landing party are from Modiphius Entertainment and the Vulcan and Tellarite have been put together straight out of the box. The poor red shirt getting attacked has had his legs altered a little and the arms and head have been replaced with arms and heads from Bolt Action WW2 GI miniatures.

The works are from Reaper (BONES) Miniatures and all the miniatures have been painted and weathered using Vallejo Paints.

Base - is high density foam and the rocks are from Woodland Scenics rubber molds, the grass tufts are from Army Painter and I dry brushed them with Beige Brown to make them a little darker. The cracked ground is from Games Workshops Agrellan Badland Texture paint.



Lovely diorama! Poor redshirt.

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Cheers mate and yeah they never have any luck LOL.