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Painted Ship Miniatures

Any objections to posting some Star Trek Deep Cuts? I’d love to see others ships, whatever the line!

Defiant-class before sealing

Finished Warbird

Finished Galaxy-class


Very nice. Minis add a lot of table presence to the game. I’m at work for the time being, but I can post some pics in the next day or so. I’ve been stealing from SFB and FASA for a lot of my ships, since our campaign is TOS.

Nice job they look great.

I plan to get some of the deep cuts next month.

They make starship combat easier to understand.

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Are those attack wing minis?

Sort of. They’re “Deep Cuts” which is a line of primed minis, same molds as STAW, but no cardboard. They’re about $6 usd, for a primed mini, base, and some decals.

Nice paint jobs!

I got a couple of those but the mounting pegs don’t seem to fit. Did you have the same problem?

I did not. They only go in one way of course, but a quick test fit, then some CA adhesive and I was set. The Galaxy is a tad front heavy, but no peg issues here.

Here’s a few of the ships I’ve painted so far. They’re all from the STAW line, except for the ranger-class refit, that’s a 3D printed model that we used as our hero ship for our Discovery-era Star Trek Adventures game that was a ton of fun!! One of the pics also has a bit of the fully painted game board, complete with planets and gas clouds that my wife and I built together. image|500x500


A small sample using some of the more recognizable ships I’ve been using. (Others would be familiar only to the SFB crowd, as I’m slowly building up the ISC as a threat, but they don’t exist outside of ADB’s story world, at least published…)


Love the ships, guys! I really like the V-11 Stormbird (in FASA Star Trek parlance).

I’m really happy with the price point on the Deep Cuts. It’s remarkable to me that we have available these “non-metal” minis now for both fantasy and sci-fi that are so well priced. I was paying $6 for FASA Star Trek miniatures in 1986 (well, my dad was, lol).

I got out of miniatures in the 2000s in favor of 1” round counters with art scrounged from the interweb, but Reaper Bones and Deep Cuts have me buying fantasy minis again.


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Here is my sealed Defiant-class and WIP K’t’inga.

Really happy with the Bussard collectors and engines on the Defiant-class.


That definitely is a great job on those details for the Defiant, managed to create the illusion of engine activity glow very nicely!

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Klingons! Really need to start on the Klingon warriors now!


I use Eaglemoss Star Trek ships miniatures for my games. They serve as visual references for the players. ( The caveat is that they are not scaled to a standard so a shuttle miniature can be 3 inches long and so can an Intrepid class ship).

I keep handy scale illustrations to show my PCs so they know the size comparisons between vessels they encounter in their story.

For starship combat, I use wooden disks (purchased from local craft/hobby stores ) which will be painted in colors representing faction;
Light Grey = Federation
Dark Green = Romulan
Olive Green = Klingon.

The disks will be labeled with Helvetica font stick-on letters and numbers.

I use a hexagonal grid space map for open space zones and use the concentric zone “system map” ( from the STA starter box ) for close-to-planet encounters.
Also found some wooden pylon or tokens to use as starbases. Planets will be larger wooden disks.

Images above show a few Eaglemoss ships and my work-in-progress wooden tokens.


Has anyone here considered papercraft models at all?

I confess that I haven’t actually played STA (though I’d love to if I ever found a group for it), so I have no idea what the rules involving ships entail/require, but I was thinking how cool it’d be to have a model of the party’s vessel on the table (even if just to help players to picture its exploits in their minds). To that end a flatmate and I knocked together this model of an Intrepid class vessel

Neither of us had any prior experience with papercraft models before, and there are definitely ways we could improve upon it, but I’m still quite pleased with how it came out!

I was thinking for future ones it should be possible to use papercraft models as a template for making vessels from scratch out of plasticard, which’d be much sturdier and allow me to paint them how I want/add details that are difficult to do in paper. Does anyone think these sorts of models would be useful for sessions/games of STA at all?


They can be useful for tracking which zone each ship is in during ship combat.

My group is pretty light on combat, and you don’t need minis for STA, so we don’t actually use them much.

I just really like them. :wink:

Some new ships and playing with lightning on some previous ones.

I’m not thrilled with the Constitution Refit or the Excelsior paint jobs. They’re OK but that’s all. The photo came out nice though.

Overall I find the Federation ships difficult.

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I like these a lot. I agree Federation ships are fiddly. I had a Constitution refit model from year ago, I think 1:500 or 1:1000 scale, so it was big compared to minis, and it was super fiddly in the details.

I want to find 1:10000 scale minis so they’re in scale with the Borg Cube set.

If you want to go play using the minis buy the oversized borg cube that is too scale


I replaced all my Attack Wing minis with 1:2500 scale Round 2 model kits. However, as the Oberth/Pegasus AW mini was more or less the right scale I kept it and ‘fixed’ it:

And talking of paper minis. This is the type 6 shuttle I made (modelled in Maya, unfolded in Pepkaura and textured in Photoshop)