Tokens for your PCs

Who has created custom tokens for their PCs? Post here and show what you’ve done.
I will start by posting some Trek avatars that I modified with a comic art photo filter (4 out of 5 tokens use this art. One token uses the artwork for a pre-made PC from the STA Quickstart Guide). Printed out avatars and glued to wooden disks.


I did a whole bunch for mine. They’re all on deviantart though.


Very nice work !

We’re using miniatures where we can (which includes all of our current PCs), though I printed off cardboard standees for some of the potential “guest stars” and adversaries presently lacking minis. (Cardassians and Jem’Hadar come to mind…)


Always nice to see how people are doing these. Mine are also posted elsewhere, but are largely generic Trek symbols due to scale. They work pretty well though.

I wish I could get hold of these wooden disks though - no-one seems to sell them in the UK!

A DIY store wouldn’t carry them in the UK? What about a craft store that sells wooden shapes for people who like to make miniature scenes? In the US, the wooden shapes are usually in the art paper/plastic buttons/ plastic beads aisle of a store which carries generic “hobby” supplies.
See photos for the wooden bits below and a few finished pieces:



  1. Narendra Station with the Klingon ship M’Pwul ( spelling ?), Federation Galaxy Class USS Yorktown, and another Federation ship docked.
  2. Packaging labels for wooden bits.
  3. Romulan Outpost with two Romulan vessels nearby
  4. PC Ship Federation Nova class USS McCain in orbit around Seku VI with a Romulan bird of prey also in orbit.

I use mini-meeples on 1:150 to 1:180 maps… because I like the portability. For Star Wars, I love the tokens in the beginner boxes, and would love similar for STA.

For ships, I’ve done a font with counters for all the covered ships so far (CRB, BQ, CD). I print them when needed on 3x5 card, then laminate and cut.

DIY store - definitely not (or I haven’t found any yet). Craft/hobby shops are increasingly hard to find - Amazon has pushed most of the local ones out of business. I hadn’t considered art shops (usually distinct from hobby overhere) - Ithere’s one in Brighton so I’ll try there next time I’m in. Thanks!

This approach would certainly beat the cardboard cutouts I’ve been using!