Fun accessories

Any fun accessories/props you use at your table? I found this on thingiverse and ran one off for each of us in our game. Star Trek TNG Tricorder - STA Dice Holder by Crossman - Thingiverse

I think I’ve seen something like that before, but it looked hand-made. I guess it’s catching on.

Me, I’m more of the old school: I keep my dice in black cloth pouches. Then again, I’m still in the market for the STA dice (I’m thinking of buying the green command tunic STA dice) so I may need this tricorder dice holder after all. :sunglasses:

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I wish I had this and a good set of the dice, it’d be nice. However, since I have no in person ro up, it wouldn’t be worth it… lol

I made some 3D printed props for my players. I also made each character Comm badge with their character’s name and serial number on the back. They were surprised when they open them up and saw all the circuitry inside.


That stuff looks great! What printer are you using?

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Thanks I’m printing on an Elegoo Mars 2.


Do you have links to the files?


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