Equipment Cards

Below are some Equipment cards I’m creating.
I use several rules from Conan and Infinity, and there for use several of their qualities.
Tell me what you think of them.
Equipment Cards Updated 18/10/2020 Cards - Single Star Trek.pdf (2.6 MB)
The following items included:
D’k tahg
Explosive charge
Force Shield
Guard Drone
Hazard Suit
Infinity Modulator
Phaser - Type 1
Phaser - Type 2
Phaser - Knife
Phaser Rifle - Assault Rifle
Phaser Rifle - Enhanced Compression Rifle
Phaser Rifle - Type 3
Retractable Blade
Tactical Eye Display

Very cool design! Yet, I’d use Arial/Arial Narrow for the paragraphs. The DS9/VOY Credits are better for headlines, imho. :slight_smile:

I agree with @MisterX - seriously nicely done, but keep the fancy typeface for the headings (including the titles of the qualities and effects if your software allows).

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Thanks I made some modifictions based on the feedback.
I uploaded it in my first post.
More material is comming

Much better - much more readable :smiley:

I added more weapons to the list.
And uploaded to my first post

Expanded the number of weapons and added some armor and other gear.
Uploaded it in my first post

Added the following items and uploaded it in my first post:
Explosive Charge
Guard Drone