Kender's Star Trek Creations

I have a new webpage. Its not quite done, I have much to add to it still. There is a nice little sound board. Please give it a try and let me know how you like it.


Nice soundboard.
I really loved the equipment cards, did you use a business card template for these? I was thinking of doing some for other equipment other than Federation.

I based on a business card template, but added lines to know where to cut. I printed mine on regular cardstock so I could laminate the sheet before cutting. I went with the business card size so they could be put in a business card sheet in the character folder. I’ll probably add more items later or feel free to make your own. You don’t really need my permission.

Also thanks for the comment on the soundboard. Im going to be adding some creature sounds before long, when I find some time. I have to get my Fallout demo stuff ready before I can go back to that.