Star Trek Adventures - Talent Cards

I made Talent cards to remind my players to use their characters Talents. What do you think? I used graphics from digital versions of the game manuals.




I like them. They look great and effectively remind the players about their talents. The wife, who’s in my STA group, also says they look great.


Wow they look great.

I like them, too, very much. Good job! If you want to further improve them: The images and text boxes both look a bit edgy. They’re cutting off parts of the LCARS design elements. Maybe omit the yellow bow, pull the blue one up to cover the whole card and move image and text-box to the right to fit in?

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That is a pretty cool idea. I wonder if doing something similar would help get certain of my players to remember to get their Values involved more regularly.


That is a really good idea. I wish there were a way to include a description of the abilities, talents on the character sheets, but this looks great, is very useful and is easy to dance to, I’d give it a 95! (Those of you old enough to remember…)

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Since you guys like them so much, here are the rest of the Talent cards that I made. Enjoy. Feel free to use them yourselves.


I’ve been pasting the text of characters’ choices on to the back of the character sheets (I type out new copies when they’re done with character generation, but I like these! :slight_smile:


These are amazing. Our players keep forgetting their Talents and putting them front and center like this is a great idea. Thank you for making these!

Do you have a template of this so I could make my own? I assume you used Photoshop or Gimp?

I used Photoshop Elements and I do have a template… How can I upload it?

When you go into the Reply option, there is an icon that is a rectangle block with an arrow pointing up out of it. That’s the upload button.

Photopshop files don’t seem to be amongst those I can upload.

You could upload it to Google Drive or Dropbox and share the link.

I was inspired by this post to roll my own versions of this great idea. My players definitely appreciate the cards reminding them of exactly what their Talents / Values do. Hopefully we get some official ones in the future!

Here’s the Imgur albums with templates. I used the free Paint .NET to make all these. Font is Bahnscrift SemiBold Condensed for the titles, SemiLight Condensed for the effect text.

Ship Talent / Roll cards –
Talent cards –
Value cards –


I just found this thread. These cards are amazing, and thank you for posting them. :slight_smile:

Beautiful cards!

However there’s a typo on the Andorian Proud and Honorable card; It should read “When you attempt a task to resist acting dishonorable, you reduce the Difficulty by 1”.

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really cool and nice, thankU