Dune ATI Talents Spreadsheet

Hello, all. I’ve made a spreadsheet of Talents from the Core Rule Book.

While I’m waiting for word as to whether or not this is a sharable resource, please bask in the glory of the knowledge that you live in a world where such things are possible. Hopefully the word will be given and I’ll be able to share this.

Of course, a Character Generator like the one for Star Trek Adventures would eliminate the need for this. Is one coming, Modiphius?


Very helpful, especially for players!

Did you clear this with Modiphius? I have something similar for Star Trek Adventures for my gaming group, but I’m reluctant to share it because of licensing. So I’d be very interested how Modiphius feels about sharing important portions of their books online or if they have policies about such things.

Love the name! I take it you also played STA!

I would be EXTREMELY surprised if this didn’t come under fair use.

Also, I asked for permission to use their actual game artwork in my ads on a limited basis, and they were fine as long as their was attribution. Just in case, I added attribution to a second page inside the file.

I only GM STA, haven’t played yet.

If it’s covered under Fair Use, maybe I make my STA Database available as well. I find it always handy to have all talents, species, etc. on one screen and not distributed among various books.

I think you are covered by fair use for your own gaming groups,
but it gets a lot murkier once it hits the internet.
Art is trickier than game text too.

If any permissions came from Chris Birch that may well be fine as he has final call.
(I certainly have not :slight_smile: )
But do check the wording very carefully.
We do want to help support people’s games as much as we can but there are some legal details that are highly specific we need to be very careful with.

I completely understand Modiphius’ need to protect their content. However, I hope they understand that making the game materials more useful to GMs will expand their player base.

I agree though it’s a tricky area … and I have no wish to see the question decided by lawyers! It’s a fine line that Modiphius’ must walk. After all, they must love games themselves so they want to see the games played by as many people as possible.

Now … what would make things A LOT easier would be if Modiphius published a list of resources like this (spreadsheets, summaries) we could use. A Character Generator for Dune would also be useful.

Another resource I’d love to see is Talent cards, like the ones Free League does for a number of their games. We did character generation last night for a new Dune campaign, and having all of the talents on cards would have sped up the process.

Don’t take this for an official answer but…
We do very much want to support the game and people playing it so these sort of things are generally ok shared on fan forums and among your own groups.
But please just stay wary of scattering them across the net everywhere.
I appreciate once its out the internet is not very forgiving but try to be circumspect as much as possible.

If there are resources you could do with, mention them here and we’ll see if thats a thing we can produce for you.
As to cards and the like, that’s something we are looking into. :slight_smile: