Dune Resources Thread


Put all your Dune resources/aid files here!

Zach’s Form Fillable character sheet

@glowface Based Resourses - Pregenerated characters and house for one shots,Planets of the imerium, Sample Drive Statements, cheat sheet and complication ideas



I’m working on a foundry VTT system to implement Dune, are there any limitations on what can be released publicly ? I saw the author of sta system asked for permission.
I guess I cannot put all traits in a public compendium for example ? (or maybe I can?)


This is a really tricky one that I can’t give you a definitive legal answer on, but…
If we make something ‘official’ we have to have it approved. So if we liked a thing you made we’d have to approve it before we put it on our site to offer ‘via Modiphius’.
As this is a public forum I believe you are allowed to post anything that helps the game under the usual rules any forum has about being nice and not bringing the subject into disrepute. But thats the same for forum posts as much as added resources.

The tricky part is collating and reprinting sections from published works.
As gamers we generally support anything that helps people play the game as long as you don’t make it unnecessary to buy the Core rulebook (or any other published works). So, putting the character generation chapter up on a website is a no, but creating a summary or character generation for your own rules guide is usually ok.

As a company we can’t condone or offer permission to reprint any part of any published work.

So, because of that dichotomy I can’t give you a definitive answer.
(and I’m unqualified to offer a legal answer, or an official company position) :slight_smile:
But as a general guideline, if you make us aware of anything you post (such as by asking permission, or posting it here) we can ask you to remove it if by some chance it proves to be something we cannot allow (and we’d like to be aware of cool stuff people are doing).

However, after rambling I also notice you are talking specifically about a Virtual tabletop. We currently have a fair few of these in production with several different platforms. So, if you talk to the marvellous Lloyd through out customer service email he may be able to tell you if the platform you are considering is already in process or if there are any specific guidelines.

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I’ve got a primitive dicebot for discord, if anyone wants the code for that. It’s currently hosted on my laptop, so I’m not making mine public unless someone wants to pay for servertime for it, but I’ll gladly give the code so people can make their own.

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Hello. I’m making good progress on the system; for now I have:

  • fillable character sheets
  • fillable house sheet
  • shared momentum & threat pools
  • dice roller taking selected token (= character) into account to let you select skill & drive, doing all maths

Some edges are rough, but I’m confident it will be usable for next week’s session :slight_smile:

So my question remains : can I fill in the talents compendium, or must I keep it empty (I guess 3 talents as an example won’t hurt)

For those interested, the code lies here


Hey Irulan

Email me directly at Lloyd@modiphius.com and I will give you the details needed


Hey, just wanted to say thank you for making a foundry version of this game. I’m starting a Dune game soon, and I think it will make it so much easier to handle.

That said, I am a foundry NEWB. And I just wanted to ask how to install your Dune system in foundry? Or, can I even do that before it’s done?

Thank you for your effort, and sorry for my lack of knowledge.

I released the first version yesterday, and asked for inclusion in the foundry module list.
Before that, you should install it using this manifest URL : https://gitlab.com/api/v4/projects/26058898/packages/generic/foundryvtt-dune-system/latest/system.json


Ahh, I knew somewhere must be a home resources thread! I’ll be moving my various home-made stuff here.
The newest one is a couple of pregenerated character and house, that I plan to use for intro games for Dune- and possibly 2d20 novices. They are not set on Arrakis, but on a planet of my own creation, though. So, if anybody needs them, feel free.

Archives to previous resource materials I’ve created (previously uploaded already to other topics):


Those are great! Thanks a lot, @glowface

A new one: one-pager cheat sheet (well, reference sheet, if you wish) on using the three currencies of the game: Momentum, Determination and Threat. With Core Rulebook page number references!


That’s very helpful. One minor comment: I think when you use momentum to create an asset, it’s quality 0 by default (quality 1 is when determination is used).

Absolutely! Typo corrected.

Thank you for the fillable form character sheets!

This thread is awesome. Thank you for the useful resources

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