Can we give away Dune Scenarios?

I have written a couple of scenarios and would like to make them available for free download on my website. One of them is specifically written to introduce the game mechanics and contains one-page cheat sheet for Skill Tests and walks GM through the process. What’s the official position on this?


Don’t know what the official stance is but I’m up for this. Thanks!

If they are your own work and don’t contain any text or art from the books - or you charge money for them - go crazy. In fact, post them here too we’d love to see them.
If they are around 8000 words I’m also open to pitches for pdf release official adventures. :slight_smile:


Hi Andy - Could you send me an email address so I can give you a Dropbox link to the adventure. Getting paid for an Official Scenario is obviously preferable to giving it away. CORIOLIS STORM is already written. It’s 9,643 words. Contains a Skirmish and an Intrigue. Has been playtested a little, once Solo and once with two players & a GM (although the Intrigue didn’t happen in either run-through as it is only one way to “solve” the adventure). Has lots of step-by-step advice for the GM on the rules throughout. It’s been highly praised by my players so I’m pretty proud of it. Don’t be afraid of hurting my feelings if you don’t like it or it isn’t suitable to be an Official Scenario.


Sure. Can you drop me a PM and I’ll get in touch.
That is if this forum does PMs as I can’t find the bit to send one to you. :slight_smile:

Nope, that particular function appears to have been disabled.

@Andy-Modiphius I sent you a dropbox link via the Discord 2d20 Direct Messaging as there isn’t any on this Forum

That works, I’ll check it out. :slight_smile:

Just realised there is no Private Messaging mechanism in the Forums, you can get me at I’m currently working on a second scenario with a working title of Carthag-ablanca. It struck me that life in Carthag (or in the ruins of Arrakeen) just after the re-occupation by the Harkonnens would have a very similar feeling to Casablanca, or to Paris during Nazi occupation. When the love of your life walks in as one of a pair of Atreides Fugitives, what will you do? You are in a card game with a senior Harkonnen Officer and a Sardaukar “Observer” at the time!


I’d be up for helping Modiphius or adventure-authors my experience to set up your module for Roll20 VTT. Same offer extended to Roll20. Harvesters of Dune and the GM Toolkit are extremely well-done by those who implemented the conversions. With a few ideas and variations, I’d keep along the same format style guidelines as established. I’m on the 2d20 Discord as well, same name.
@MickH Can’t wait to see Coriolis Storm out in the wild, preferably as an official release!

[quote=“MickH, post:1, topic:16379, full:true”]
would like to make them available [/quote]

I love to get any stories you are interested in sharing.

I love original adventures. I’ve written four so far but aren’t going to share for a bit since I run them at a lot of cons.