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Home-made useful things

Hey there! Thought it would be nice to have a topic for home-made cheat sheets, character sheets, tools, reources, materials or whatever. Anything that may be useful for others during the game.

I’ve just finished my second little home-made resource. Some of my players had difficulties finding good drive statements. I guess a good statement should be sufficiently unique to help set the character aside from others; sufficiently specific that it helps you decide which actions are supported or opposed by the statement; but sufficiently generic that the statement does not come up very rately. To help people, here is a list of a 100 statements with some explanations for inspiration! Feel free to comment or question.


Oh, and just to have it in one place: my first little home-made resource was an ideas list for unusual planets. This one:


Another little thing: ideas for using complications. Some basic and maybe some creative ways for GMs to handle complications.