House rule tweaks

I thought it would be interesting to have a thread where people can post up their House rule tweaks that they have made to the game for their group.

Not all will work for other tables, but the wisdom of crowds can be useful.


One of the key tweaks we made in my House Sindri campaign is that we give all our Drives a Statement.

There are a few reasons we did this:

  • It expands the opportunities for Determination bribery. I can now offer a Determination on a low Drive if the statement is appropriate for the action.
  • It gives the players the ability to show off their character even on a Drive that isn’t their focus by allowing a Determination spend on any Drive as long as they are acting in character on it.
  • It helps fill in why a Drive is low. Why a character is weak at something can be as revealing as why they are good at it.

This change does make characters more powerful in some ways as it expands where players can use Determination. But that is balanced by my being able to offer Determination on a low drive.

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