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Star Trek Adventures - Talent Cards

thankU so much

Where can I download these, please?

Wow Nice Thanks for sharing !

These are absolutely gorgeous - and so easy to make! I’ve been using the templates to do my own for use on Roll20 - each player gets the ones relavent to their character. I’ve reduced the size by 50% to save storage space and they’re still very legible.


Is there a way I can download all of these value, talent and, ship/role cards in zip files or something? I am trying to find a way to download a lot of them at once.

These are really well done. Thankyou @socrates200X for sharing these.

I found it was easiest for me to copy and paste them into a Google Doc that I am going to share with my crew. Its accessible by anyone I send my link to.

Neat. I haven’t played on Roll20. I’d like to see how that looks if you don’t mind.

Well, they’re based on @socrates200X’s CCG version, so individually they look much the same.

In Roll20, I’ve set them up as image handouts in the player’s journals. They can click on one to view the card and see the text.

It looks like this, but I’m not sure how meaningful that would be if you don’t know Roll20!

Such an awesome idea! I used to use cards for all kinds of character information back when I played D&D in person! I think I like OP’s versions of this idea at the very top of the topic most. Definitely borrowing this idea.

I like it. Its a quick and easy tool for players to use.