"Deluxe" Star Trek Adventures Dice Holder

I have started an STA game for a group of friends and thought it would be cool if I made them the tricorder dice holder. Then it occurred to me that my medical officer wouldn’t have their own medical tricorder. That would not do. So I made it.

Version 1 of the “Deluxe” Star Trek Adventures Dice Holder is up. Deluxe Star Trek Adventures Dice Holder by Sans_d20 - Thingiverse


Nice, but I am right if I think that it can only hold 2d20 and 4d6?
If I have one I may want at least room for 6d20 (5 dices maximum+computer help) and 7d6 (5 dices from discipline max +2 for extended tasks or phaser II)

Yes, only 2d20s and 4d6. This is the amount that comes in the starter set and the dice sets you can buy.

The amount of dice you want would not be able to fit in the size constraints.

I bet they’d fit in a TOS-style tricorder.

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If I’m going that size, I’d want the USS Defiant that has a hinge and opens up.

The main impetus for this was two fold: the aforementioned lack of a medical tricorder, but also I want this to serve has a reminder that the first thing they should be doing in most situations is scanning.

I might do a TOS tricorder, but my players are currently playing in the TNG era.

Oh, wait a minute, could some dice fit in the medical attachment?

Maybe? But I can’t see all of the dice he is wanting fitting into it.

What he might be looking for is the case, whenever I can get to designing that.

Wow, this is soo cool! :heart_eyes:

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