When is the new wave of Conan products due?

I am really enjoying Conan so far. I remember that there were doom and momentum tokens, an encounter generator card deck, Age of Conan source book and much more. However, I cannot find any timetable for upcoming products on Modiphius’s website. Does anyone know where I can find this information? Thanks!

Broadsword, welcome to the forums. I’m also wondering the same thing.

You should check the updates to the Conan Kickstarter. There’s some info on the next wave.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I’ve been wondering about those Doom and Momentum tokens for some time now. They were unlocked in the initial first Wave of the Kickstarter, but they are about to release Wave 3, and still no tokens.

I may just buy some fake treasure coins to simulate Doom, Momentum and Fortune Points instead.

I grabbed a few tubes of colored glass pebbles to use for tokens in the meantime but very much hoping to get my hands on these someday!

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I’ve been using glass pebbles too, but I really like the Mitra - Set symbol on them.

Oh, congratulations Modiphius on making products I want to dump money on…