Any CONAN news out of MODCON?

Any news out of MODCON?

I am still desperately waiting for timelines around the printing of the last few books (i.e. scout, wanderer, adventurer, and king).

Thanks to anyone who has heard anything about ongoing support for this amazing product line.

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Wave 3 books available in print:
Q1 - Adventurer and Wanderer
Q2 - King, Exiles and Scout
Q3 - Kull and Artbook
(I’m not sure that this is the correct order.)
Also 3 more new books will be published: 2 campaigns (The Shadow of the Sorcerer, Waves Stained Crimson) and a collection of adventures (Shining Kingdoms (?)). These will be available in pdf 1st.


My wallet is ready. I hope the supply won’t be like the PS5.

Many thanks. This is encouraging as I was starting to wonder whether or not Modiphius was even going to pursue this line in print form (i.e. death of the product line). It appears there is a commitment to at least finish the project as planned. Good news!

And now we must arm ourselves with patience… :wink:

I really really enjoy this product line, wish I knew about Kickstart and have been sad at times that physical copies are occasionally hard to come by. I TRULY hope Modiphius continues to support this product and even provide updates…