Kickstarter Hardcopies

Im still waiting for my hardback copies of Wanderer, Scout, King and Adventurer, plus a few other products included in my Kickstarter bundle. Who do I need to contact?

Since it’s been a few days without anyone more “official” responding to you, I will go ahead and say that it’s been my understanding that those books—currently available in PDF—have yet to be printed. As far as I know, Modiphius has made no announcements regarding their etas.

In a previous thread discussing news coming of the Modiphius Convention (MODCON), Cthulhuka reported the following:

Wave 3 books available in print:
Q1 - Adventurer and Wanderer
Q2 - King, Exiles and Scout
Q3 - Kull and Artbook
(I’m not sure that this is the correct order.)
Also 3 more new books will be published: 2 campaigns (The Shadow of the Sorcerer, Waves Stained Crimson) and a collection of adventures (Shining Kingdoms (?)). These will be available in pdf 1st.

I hope this helps.


Actually the books (Wave 3) are printed and being sent to the backers - I’ve received them before Christmas in the EU.
Probably the USA fulfillment take some more time.
It is always the best to ask @

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