Waves Stained Crimson

Looking at the Kickstarter page, where most updates seem to be posted, it looks like a pirate-based campaign entitled ‘Waves Stained Crimson’ is slated for release very soon. The Modiphius web-store indicates the same, but only as a printed option. Kickstarter backers will apparently get the PDF. Any insights per chance as to whether or not Modiphius will offer the PDF to all as well? It would just seem to be an odd business decision not to make that available to the broader community…

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I’m wondering the same thing. They didn’t make the cards available for purchase in PDF form and I’ve been buying all the new Conan stuff as it comes out on DrivethruRPG.

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I can’t help with the actual question but as a backer I’ve got the early pdf (not all artwork, one chapter per file, etc) and I’m really enjoying it. I’m a fan of individual adventures but normally entire published campaigns, so far this one though a bit linear (as pulp often is) isn’t a railroad. I’m really looking forward to running it.

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The Modiphius web-store indicates the same, but only as a printed option.

On the store page, it does state:

This is a pre-order - We expect to begin shipping the physical copy of Conan: Waves Stained Crimson in August. You will receive the PDF version with your purchase.

I’m currently reading a backer’s pdf and altering it to fit our group (complete with references to other Kevin Ross works). Session Zero in a few days.


If it is a campaign/railroad there should be options for the PCs to go off track for a bit, I supposes a noob GM may have trouble but experienced GMs should be up for it. I’ve pre-ordered it and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to alter stuff

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I wish I had had this when I was attempting to run my pirate campaign . . . It was enjoyable despite all of my missteps but I am always up for a bit more GM assistance! :wink:

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Does anyone know where to find the descriptions for the spell
The Shroud of the Sea

I’ve looked in Core, Pirate, Horrors and of course this adventure with no answer.

Awaken Th’Sylla

This Ritual should have been in a clearly stated Sidebar. Also, I know rituals are spells of a sort, but they are definitively separated in Core and could have used a (Ritual) descriptor in the NPC’s spell list.

Shroud of the Sea - Core book p. 189

thanks much.

I was able to buy Waves Stained Crimson in .pdf only on the beta version of Modiphius’s U.S.A. store. If you haven’t signed up to beta test it, it may not be too late. Can’t say for sure. IIRC the .pdf only set me back like $7.00 and it’s worth every penny. In fact, I am running it for my best friends this weekend.

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Not sure about this suggested Momentum Spend on p88.

`At that point an Average (D1) Sailing check realizes this is an unnatural sound, and if 2 Momentum are spent the exact reason is grasped’

I’ve never read in books or heard mention of Implying that it takes hard thinking to determine the “sound” by requiring 2 Momentum as a Viable GM requirement.

The Momentum spends, and more so the often exceedingly high Difficulties for not only rather basic tasks, but for essential information are - sadly - the major weak spot in this campaign.
As an experienced Conan GM, the best way is to simply ignore the given Difficulties and Momentum costs and make up your own, considering the advice from the Conan core book.

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Thanks @FrankF for confirming my suspicions those suggested Momentum Spends are a bit off.


Has the shipping started?

Error p93:
a second variant (after growth?) for Emeraina has a Doom Spend of Croaking Tide. Obviously this is for Mer, but,…
my query @Modiphius is to whether Emeraina has gained a Doom Spend as she herself has changed since last time we saw her in adventure.

It’s available in the store so I was assuming, Silly Me, that preorders would get it day of release. I haven’t even had a pdf email link yet… well P***ed Off!

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You can download the pdf when you purchase the book by following the link that is showed below the order number.

Ok there has been quite a bit of criticism about this campaign on various media and I am wavering (there’s a pun there, I’m sure but I just can’t think of one) whether or not to buy it. Notwithstanding the ridiculous Difficulty settings and Momentum/Doom spends, is the story ok? Does the campaign hang together? Is it too railroady? I’d like to know mainly if people have enjoyed it. I am prepared to make alterations and do things on the fly if need be.

I’m using it as the basis for a game. I wouldn’t run it strictly as written for sure but the basic beats work well enough.



I’ve been running this campaign with my group since it was published in PDF form and, although initially concerned (I’m not a big fan of pirate-themed campaigns), I have found it to be great thus far.

We are about 3/4 into it and the story is holding together nicely. As to the question of it being railroady, and without spoiling anything, I would say it is so by design, as you are on the trail of a ‘bad guy’ throughout.

I came into this campaign with somewhat medium expectations and have thus far very much enjoyed GMing it. Good mix of settings and challenges. Based on the feedback I’ve received from my players of varying ages, they seem to be having a good time as well.

So the bottom-line is that I would recommend giving it a go. Worst case, you can heavily modify the portions you do not like.

Happy to address more specific questions if you have any.

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