Approximate Release Date of Nameless Cults and Ancient Ruins books in HC?

I’m looking forward to getting these and like to support my FLGS (the famous Compleat Strategist in Midtown Manhattan) by buying the books through them. Any notion of the release date?

And Conan the Pirate too! :slight_smile:

That’s out. I have it in h-arrrr-d cover already.

You don’t say! I presume you are a backer, because it is not available on

I got it at my FLGS… I wasn’t really paying attention to that specifically but I have the HC.

All right, got it. There are no friendly or unfriendly stores where I live, so I rely on online stores and costly shipments. :slight_smile:

That stinks. Alternately you could buy the digital copy from Modiphius or drive thru rpg and print your own. I know a player that bought everything that is out and then printed each book using a local office store to bind the pages.

This will never match the quality of the original books and I think that print of demand will cost more. I will wait until Modiphius or Amazon have those in the stores. No rush here :slight_smile:

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■■■■■■. It depends on where you are but you might want to try calling a game store to see if they have it. Shipping does add up, though.

I messaged Modiphius’ and they told me early next year. I hope that is wrong. An awfully long time gap between release of the PDF and the hardcopy. That I don’t understand, unless it’s because they are swamped with too much product going to the printers.

I also messaged Modiphius and never got an answer… I am a bit frustrated, when I purchased the Wave 1 books in bulk the response was almost in an instant.

But next year is not bad if they will have it in their store… I don’t want to use Amazon and will save enough to make big order.

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Just gonna send a general message in here.

The Nameless Cults and Ancient Ruins will be in the store after we send out the kickstarter stuff to backers. Once thats done, we will sort that out too. I can’t give an exact time frame for when it will come out, but early next year is a fairly safe bet.

If I missed your email Valyar, apologies. Spam filter is working hard recently.

I used the contact form from the store :smiley:

Does this mean that Conan the Pirate will be in the store along with Cults and Cities books?

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing those titles in my FLGS.

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Once again I cannot put a time frame on the books, but when the Pirate books hit the stores, the Cults and Cities books will hit them around the same time.

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