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Rough timeline to printed books

I’m sure I am not the only one on this forum who is a fan of Modiphius’ Conan line. Absolutely top-notch products. I purchased all physical copies and am obviously hoping to get the next offerings in the series, i.e. SCOUT, ADVENTURER, and WANDERER.

Recognizing the COVID pandemic has complicated our lives (including those of the businesses we want to support!), do we have any idea as to when these books will be printed and therefore available for purchase as physical copies?

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+1 to this. I am in the process of collecting all the books, and am also interested in the schedule. PDF’s don’t do it for me… I want physical books! :slight_smile:


I like pdf for quick searches but the books for reading. I have been checking every now and then too for the Scout, Wanderer, and Adventurer.

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Good to see (read) I am not the only one jazzed about those physical copies.

I do not shower praise easily but as someone who has been playing RPGs for 30 years, I am really impressed with the quality of this product line. Even if I did not play the game (and I do ; it’s one of my favorites), I would probably still purchase the line as this is clearly a labor of love and a well crafted tribute to the source material. I think Robert E. Howard would be proud !

At this point, even a rough ETA would be tremendously helpful ; Modiphius? Please? :wave:

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+1 to the plea for estimation for the prints. Need to prepare my wallet. :smiley:

Yes, add me to this list! How soon can we get them please?

I recognize I am relatively new to this forum but is it wrong of me to hope someone from Modiphius will respond to this reasonable query?

They have replied to similar questions before. Last I heard there remains no solid dates for any of the upcoming tangible copies. They have however released as far as Conan the King at this point.

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Thanks ROURONI. I have not seen those posts from Modiphius so I appreciate the response.

Edit: I just checked Modiphius shopping, and I’m surprised to see PDF only of Conan the King for sale. Moreover, the tiles that repeatedly have been reported as back in print still are noted as “Out of Stock.” I must conclude that the pandemic continues to pose significant production and shipping obstacles? I’m afraid I have been unhelpful.

I get periodic emails about what is being published. I see one can get on a mailing list at the bottom of the linked page.

Based on the backer PDFs coming in, I’m guessing next up for print is Kull of Atlantis.