PDFs to Hardcopy

There’s now few pdfs only in the Modiphius Store, does anyone know of they’ll print hard copies as I’m eyeing up the Kull splatbook.

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I’m likewise eagerly awaiting printings. I’m ready to make an order of the Monolith Sourcebook, Conan the King, Kull and the map packs as soon as they’re prepared.

(I know the Monolith Sourcebook is in print, but I want to buy and ship them all at once.)

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I am soo much waiting for the wave 3 bundle

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I know this is old enough that it’s sort of thread necromancy, but I didn’t see a better place to bring this up unless I wanted to create my own thread on the topic.

I just recently picked up the game. I went all in with everything I could find a hard copy of, extra player’s guides for my kids, the whole nine yards.

There are quite a few items that are in pdf only at this time. I’ve been trying to find information about whether or not those will some day be released in hard cover like the other books, or remain available only in pdf.

If they’re planning to do the newer pdf stuff in hard cover (Or even paperback. Hardcover is MUCH better though.) then I plan to keep up with the game and keep growing my collection. If they’re only going to do pdf, then new content becomes much less appealing to me and I’ll likely wait to pick them up until I can either pay a massive discount on them and even then I’ll be more likely to simply cherry pick the ones I want the most.

Really hope they’re just releasing pdfs because of the lockdown and that hard covers are still on the horizon. It’s a great game and my gaming group is loving it. If the game keeps growing, then my group will likely play it for many years to come.

Once the PDF is finished l, we make it available while the printers work with it and get the books printed.

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