Monolith sourcebook

I was excited to see the entire second wave of conan books in the catalogue at my local game store but then I saw something that made me curious. The catalogue price for the monolith sourcebook was nearly three times the price of all the other books. I own the pdf of the monolith sourcebook and it is the same size as all the other books. Does anyone know if the monolith sourcebook comes with additional things that are not part of the pdf or what the reason for the price difference might be?

The pdf indeed is priced as regular sourcebook and I don’t expect the print to be higher than its hardcover counterparts. Maybe your local store mistakenly put the board game in the list?

No hard copy listed on the Modiphius page, but its PDF version is the same price as the other PDF versions.

I wasn’t looking at the price from my game store but the price that was in the catalogue from one of the suppliers. I’m honestly hoping/figuring it was a typo but I was worth asking.

I inquired about this egregious price listing with the customer service folks at (the other titles they have available for pre-order are all at expected prices). They looked into it, but responded that that was the price their distributor has listed for the Monolith Sourcebook. They didn’t know why the price was set so high, but that’s what they have to go by in the absence of any other information.

Well, 46.97 is still better than the 64.99 I saw in the catalogue I saw. That makes sense and is interesting to know.

I am very much looking forward to getting the Monolith Sourcebook for two reasons, it will be create to use the resources available in the board game with my rpgs but I also enjoy the board game and there is rules for solo and cooperative play.

I have the pdf. There are some interesting things in it.

GameNerdz has updated the list price of the Monolith Sourcebook to $24.99 (their discounted price being $17.47). Currently listed as out of stock, I don’t doubt they’ll open it up for pre-order again soon.

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That makes a lot more sense.