Which Books have been promised but not released yet?

Just curious- …and new

That page lists out all the products that are planned. Can cross reference the store to see what is out.


Thankyou good sir

Quite a lot to come… This is getting the best line in my Game Master’s portfolio. Keep the release schedule, don’t rush, otherwise I can’t keep up data uploading into Realm Works :smiley: :

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ooh. Realm Works. I started that process, but ultimately stopped, as I put my efforts into creating my own books to use in fantasy grounds. Got most of the first 4 done! But yeah, love Realm Works!

I selected a Realm Works as my main campaign organizer as it is universal and much more powerful than Fantasy Grounds. Probably you checked my small showcase thread here :smiley:

After I am done doing data upload I just copy-paste super-duper-mega quickly to Fantasy Grounds. Takes more time in total, but module creation is shortened tremendously. I created a module with 4 books just for half day work and all inside is draggable to charsheet.

The only pain are the tables…


Released in book form: Conan the Pirate, Book of Skelos, Conan the Barbarian, Conan the Thief, Conan the Mercenary, Conan Jeweled Thrones of the Earth, Corebook (naturally)

Currently exclusively pdf: Ancient ruins & Cursed Cities, Nameless Cults

To be released: Conan the Brigand, Conan the Wanderer, Conan the Adventurer, Conan the Scout, Conan the King, Beasts of the Hyborian Age, Savage Swords, Secret Societies & Fighting Orders, Spear and Fang, Distant Lands, The World of Kull, Board Game Sourcebook, Conan Exiles Sourcebook, Age of Conan Sourcebook, Maze of Shadows, The Shadow of the Sorceror, The Road of Kings, Waves of Stained Crimson

Additionally there are supposed to be accessories in the form of card sets: Sorcery set, Creature & Character set, Location set, Story set, Doom & Fortune set

I read somewhere they aren’t planning on releasing any more physical copies of the books until next year (potentially January?). Personally I hope that they are able to release physical copies at a faster rate but understand that there are limitations to what they can do.

Also as a side note… if you use the online character generator you can utilize stuff from the Brigand book though it hasn’t officially been released yet.

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I need to free another shelf from the RPG bookcase at home…


So many. I honestly can’t explain how eager I am for them to be released. But yeah, for now mine share a shelf with my world of darkness books but soon both that collection and my Conan books will have their own shelf.

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I don’t understand why online stores and local shops get physical copies of a book and the official store, from where I prefer to purchase will have it months later. As Modiphius is the publisher, I wold expect them to have it first and at stock (going out of stock after is different deal).

For example for my sea-faring campaign I am forced to purchase “Conan the Pirate” from Amazon rather than from the store.

This is not a rant, just genuine inquiry :slight_smile:

unfortunately mate this is the future of the industry i think. Its cheaper for companies to sell Pdf’s online than to actually print- and Conan the Pirate is well-worth the money. I have all the pdf’s and am slowly purchasing the hardcovers…as the bank (and the wife) allow…

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I don’t question the PDF first, hardcover later practice. It is actually quite good as I can check the product before I decide whether to purchase the expensive hardcover or not. Or the whole series, as I plan to do with the Conan product range. I love it.

What I question is why the publisher of its own product is not having stock in its own store first. The only reason I can think of is Kickstarter backers, but still question remains open and unclear to me.

I am fine buying from Amazon, it is cheaper and I found way to reduce the shipping costs to close to none, but I love the physical + pdf combo that the store offers even when purchasing from Modiphius is list price + shipping costs even inside UK.

It puzzles me the fact that I want to give my money to someone and they don’t facilitate this process :smile:
I will wait for the rest of the series, but the principle remains. I think I am rare breed here.

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not at all- I’m a loyal product purchaser- and would prefer to spend my money with the people that make a game; be it a board or rpg game. My biggest issue is postage- buying anything from overseas is expensive for me- on some products (including conan miniatures from the boardgame) I’m paying as much/more in postage as the item itself…i understand you being irked…i have been irked by this as well- almost to vexation :stuck_out_tongue:

I live in Europe and despite that, the postage is huge pain and a big showstopper most of the time. I no longer purchase from USA, especially after the dollar is not at the bottom as it was decade ago. :smiley:

I simply can’t accept to pay shipping+taxes equal to or more than the shipment itself. If the discount I get from the store and the tax+shipping total is around the list price of the book - I can live with that. But if there is no discount on the book, then I either look for opportunity for cheaper shipment or save for huge order (like I did with Conan Wave 1 + Core Rulebook) to justify the shipping costs.

Still… this hobby is quite affordable for now. PC Gaming is no longer good bang for the bucks and digital platforms hold you hostage. Nobody can hold hostage my printed books and files without DRM. :slight_smile:


I too have to avoid the urge to purchase from the USA. The import duty and handling fees charged by Royal Mail in the UK are a bit painful.

It makes perfect sense that they release the pdfs first from a business standpoint. If you buy the books from a licensed retailer you get the pdfs with them (Amazon is not one of these). I do wish they would release the hardbound faster but I understand why they do not. I believe (Not 100% so don’t quote me) that part of the delay has been them wanting to fulfill the kickstarter orders before they release many more books.

When are the next batch of hardcover books coming out? The last one I got was Conan the Pirate and about 3-4 PDF have been released since then.

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They have said that the next books should be coming early 2019 but no specific date has been given that I am aware of.

Four books currently released on PDF are without hardcovers (The Brigand, Horrors of the Hyborian Age, Nameless Cults and Ancient Cities & Ruins), and one (The Pirate) is not available in hardcover in Modiphius’ online store.

But my wallet is ready!!!

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Don’t forget the Monolith Sourcebook, also available in PDF but not in hardcover.