New Books in Print

Are there any dates on when new books will be available in Hardcover print?

There are three listed as coming out in the next couple months if you check the calendar on Modiphius’ site. Horrors, Cults and ancient ruins I believe. Though I am going off memory on the books.

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Modiphius just sent email that three hardcovers are now available in their Store (the Pirate was already available and I got mine from Amazon for example).

Any idea when the Horrors of the Hyborian Age is coming out in print? The calendar doesn’t show anything coming up as far as I can tell.

If’s funny that this email touting new releases for Conan mentions Pirate. I purchased my copy of Pirate in hardcover back in August, and I know others have been able to get a hold of it too. As for Horrors of the Hyborian Age, GameNerdz has that title up for pre-order along with Ancient Ruins and Nameless Cults, with an expected release date of 30 April. They also have the Monolith Sourcebook up for pre-order, but the list price is a hefty $67. Even with their discounted price, it’s almost $47! :open_mouth: I emailed them to find out where they’d gotten this pricing info, and apparently it came from their distributor. The gentleman who responded to my query said he would look into confirming the price.

While I already got Pirate via Amazon I did quickly swoop by Modiphius’ store to order the other two hardcopies.

Given the average pricing for their books and the length of the Monolith book I would wager that that price drops by at least half when it is officially released.

I buy all the books as soon as I can but since I already have all the pdfs (bought as soon as they are available as well) I am willing to wait for my local retailer gets them in. I’m friends with the owner and he sets aside a copy of each book as they are released.

Secretly I am hoping that the announcement of Pirates was a typo and it was supposed to be horrors lol

Probably Modiphius have huge backlog… I can’t explain otherwise the rate of release of the physicals books. But I don’t mind, better late than never. I hate PDFs and reading from screen.

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I too hate PDF’s. I am old school. I just ordered from my local game shop the Nameless Cults and Ancient Ruins and Cursed Cities!. I will buy the rest of the books as they get released in print! This is a great game!!

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EU shipments are really expensive, i ll wait for Amazon Prime prices…

Are there any plans to update the release dates for the Conan Sourcebooks? Some of them still purport a 2017 release, which obviously didn’t happen.

I see ten more books I plan to buy and I’d like to know how much I need to save.


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Conan the Brigand has just been released! I am glad that Modiphius managed to catch up, I hope the backlog is now under control :smiley:


@Valyar Conan the Brigand is also one of the best books in my opinion. Shockfull of great stuff. :slight_smile:

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Still haven’t had time to check it, I am preoccupied with Forbidden Lands and Coriolis data uploads, but here are the Easter vacations… :smiley:

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Is the hardcover of Conan the Brigand shipping now?

I’ve had it on pre-order since May and last week the game store told me they still didn’t have a shipping date. But things may be different where you are.

I was wondering if it is shipping right away from Modiphius store.

My copy of the Brigand arrived days after I ordered it. But again… I order immediately after I get the announcement for the new release :smiley:

Did you order direct from Modiphius or via a third party? And you in the UK or somewhere else?

@Hyrkanian- I ordered from Modiphius directly to an address in UK. Books arrived in 2 days.