Any word on Wave 3 Print?

Just wondering :slight_smile: Looking forward to it

I too would love to know when a 3rd wave print would be available. PDFs are ok an all, but I and my group prefer print.

I’m sorry that there’s no real news here, but a day ago Chris Birch posted this in answer to a query in the Conan Gaming Group on Facebook.

“There’s products in work for next year plus we have the final seven hardback supplements to release in retail so plenty to come :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually Wave 3 is printed and they announced that it will be realeased in retail in 2021 @ Modcon, plus two campaigns:

The brooding Cimmerian’s RPG sees a lot of releases in 2021 with Conan the Wanderer and Conan the Adventurer hitting stores in Q1 then Conan the Scout, Conan the King, Conan Exiles Sourcebook in Q2. Conan The World of Kull and the Conan Art Book in Q3. In addition, two campaigns are planned for 2021 including Waves Stained Crimson and Shadow of the Sorcerer plus a series of adventures called The Shining Kingdoms.

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Wow, this sounds great! I already have most of these in pdfs, but really love reading the hard cover books. Great to see that hopefully we will see these books this year!

Evidence! Printed books in the wild!


What are those cards and why not available in the store? :open_mouth:

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Well if I can’t find these books with local retailers, I’ll be happy to order the CONAN Wave 3 printed books directly from the Modiphius online store and get them delivered down here to Australia.

Been eagerly waiting for these books, and was worried that they may be overlooked as other game lines rise to prominence.

t’s great to see that Wave 3 is happening!

Has anyone seen the new books in US stores per chance? I keep checking Amazon weekly but, sadly, nothing there…

I think it said Q1 release, which is probably start of next week. Fingers crossed as I too love the hardback books

The Scout has been released to print.

I notice that the PDF for The Wanderer is still not available.

As a Kickstarter backer, I also can’t wait for the Scout book to come out so I can find some more players.

I saw a mega bundle on ebay a few days ago which had all books ; the seller was in California (I suspect a kickstarter backer). Encouraging observation, from the perspective of those last PDFs actually existing in print-form!

For the US market, has anyone seen physical copies of either the Wanderer, Adventurer, Scout, or King supplements per chance? … Still eagerly awaiting the opportunity to acquire those books to complete the collection! is taking pre-orders for Conan the Scout with an expected delivery date of May 2021. That is the only estimate I’ve seen for those.

Finally ! Some good news ! Many thanks, Elirion ; you made my week… :wink:

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