Conan Wave 3 Books

As a backer for the John Carter game, I get the PDF’s of the Conan books as a perk, and HOLY ■■■■! Really excited to see the hardcovers coming soon!!

Wave 3 seems to consist of Conan The Wanderer (Far East), Conan The Adventurer (Far South), Conan The Scout (Pictish Wilderness), Conan Exiles, The Art of Conan, and Kull Of Atlantis, as well as some card decks.

Anyone else excited to see this coming out soon?!

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Just got my pdfs of Scout and Wanderer from DriveThru since I could not wait for the physicals. Especially enjoy the setting and hooks provided in Wanderer and plan to use that heavily. Anyone with a special interest in the Picts might enjoy the info in Scout all the more, but I have a feeling the must-have hardcover for me will be Adventurer out of this wave.

Love this game and push it on everyone I meet :slight_smile:

The must-haves for me this round are King and Kull. As a backer, I have them in PDF, but I need them in print!

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I know eh?

I saw in some of the info that there will be a Wave 4 and 5!? What could be in that?!

Seriously hope the Pict Sourcebook isn’t far off. Jonesing to make a Pict character…

SQUEEEEEEEE!!! I’m in the process of starting to convert the d20/3.5E OA Creatures of Rokugan and the beasties from the OA core… I think I’ll put it on hold to see what’s CtW… cheers for the headsup matey.

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