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Hey all. I’ve seen the first wave/second wave/third wave, etc but it seems like that calendar has run out of steam.
Does Modiphius publish a release schedule somewhere? I’d like the rest of the books and Kull of Atlantis.

I’m cool if the answers is: “Not the vaguest idea.” My players are about to become rulers and Conan the King would probably be pretty helpful - I’m using bastardized Pathfinder: Kingmaker rules right now.

(Apologies if this has been asked before. And answers of “When it’s done.” aren’t all that helpful.)


Well we are still in second wave albeith we got 2a wave and waiting for the rest of wave 2.
The next books in line should be Conan the scout, Conan the adventurer, Conan the wanderer and Conan the King. I would assume Conan the scout should be available to backer rather soon. Maybe an update today at the KS??!?! that would be sweet.
I understand this isnt helpful for you, but im pretty sure they are not completely sure of when the books will come more than a rough estimate.

Thanks, would be nice to see an updated release schedule somewhere.

Any update on when Conan the Scout will be released?

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I must say that Conan Exiles is one of the best books I´ve read so far in Conan-line (and i did LOVE Barbarian, Scout, Brigand and mercenary).
The authors should really get a few pats on their shoulders, it really have everything!!
From start I thought this book would be the least interesting for me, but boy was I wrong!

I really cant get enough of this book!
I strongly recomend this for everyone here. The communitybuilding rules, crafting rules and the very setting is great!

And here I am… waiting the new book to show up in the web store, so I CAN BUY IMMEDIATELY!!! :slight_smile:


I have been very curious about how that book would turn out. I loved the pc game that it was centered around. What kinds of things can we, those who missed the kickstarter and thus have no access to it, expect?

communitybuilding, crafting (weapon, armor, gear etc). The interaction with the gods looks awesome as well.

Just got the preview now, but its still one of my favouritebooks of the Conan line.

That is everything I was hoping for with this book! Now I’m even more excited and anxious to get my hands on it!

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Any news on the next round of releases? I’m not of the kickstarter campaign supporters, and as far as I know there’s nothing new in DriveThruRPG.

We are very close on being done with Wave 3 so hopefully you will be able to get the PDF sooner rather than later.

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@Rouroni I wanted to keep telling you about communitybuilding in Exiles.
Its really cool with starting maybe with a hut, then larger buildings that grows to a village, that can grow to a town that can grow to a Citadel.
You can also manage with special buildings such as places for devotion, blacksmith, wheel of pain etc etc.
I think you will find Exiles one of the best books out there.
Religious character also get access to special talent-tree that lets the character be “more devoted” and gains access to special abilities via the talents (such as making a sacrifice dagger).

Crafting gets such much love that im in awe over it. You will be able to craft from wood, stone, bone, iron and steel.

Well, Im sure you will love it as much as I do mate!! :slight_smile:

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I can’t wait! The crafting and religion aspects of Exiles is part of what I am most excited to see implemented in the 2d20 game

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When are the (locations) “cards” scheduled?

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Any updates on when Wave 3 products will be released?
Conan the Scout
Conan the Wanderer
Conan the King
Conana the Adventurer

Just wondering does the exiles book have write ups for some of the legendary weapons/items found in the exiles game?