Spears and Fangs

hey, i notice Modiphius is putting out published adventures now, which is great. I am currently building one in Foundry, but…
just curious if any news of Spear & Fang releasing? I really want to run a Pictish Wilderness campaign.

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There is a ‘Wave X’ listing, also I feel your pain :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’ve been waiting for an excuse to get some new Conan rpg stuff… so I stumped up for the conqueror’s edition (which is still in the plastic wrapping) and the player’s guide. It seems that all the ‘Conan the (career path)’ books are done. I’m waiting for the campaign books now. I have WSC seems ok… I’ll pad it out but I too await the Pict book first before I launch the players into piratey stuff

try this:

I am pretty sure Modiphius are in Wave 4 of the Conan line, which is why i was hoping some more recent info might be known by someone about Spear and Fang Sourcebook.

I would think since Waves Stained Crimson was released, The Shadow of the Sorcerer is most likely being finalized. My player-desired Savage Swords gear/equipment/extra guide should also be releasing.

The World of Kull is a massive endeavor in and of itself, so i don’t expect that until Wave 4’s end, unless that was released as the Kull of Atlantis Sourcebook in Wave 3. If this was already released, then Wave 4 is looking short.