Latest Conan Update


I start to get nervous when there seems to be an apparent lack of updates. And when they do get released after people ask for one. it shows a screen shot with its own highlighted words which are typos. What the heck is a scount?

It does NOT seem or look very professional when it comes in on an email and your own errors are highlighted. Not what I am use to seeing from you guys. :frowning:


What is this interface? What you download with those buttons, how can I get such buttons too! :slight_smile:

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But the Conan the Scout is a GREAT book indeed! Right there with Brigand (which I consider the best book made so far) :smile:

Yeah. Apologies for that. The file name was in error, but we wanted to get the file to people as soon as possible. We will fix it on our next update.


Scout is a great book… just really did not sit right when it was posted and highlighted in the official update email that was sent to the masses.

Anyways. These things happen… I will continue waiting patiently for Conan the Wanderer.

Is this something that kickstart backers receive ahead of time? I don’t see any Scout or Wanderer in the store.

Yeah, this is the pledge manger page for those who backed it. @Valyar

“Yeah, this is the pledge manger page for those who backed it. @Valyar

Wish i could highlight…:grinning:

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Cool; any idea when we’ll see a hard copy? I’m still waiting for my pre-ordered hard copy of Brigand.

You will LOVE that book. Its my alltime favourite so far. :slight_smile: Scout seems to be of the samet quality in my opinion.

Damn… can’t wait to see the hardcover in the store to buy it the same day… again :smiley:

When is Scout etc going to be available to we masses?

I concur. Brigand is one of the better books out there. A lot of great lore on Turan. Really looking forward to the Adventuer book. Need that, one of my players is a Hyrkanian, and eventually the players will make their way to Khitai