Any update on KS Previews

Last year we got a pretty steady drip of KS previews as books were finished. We also had pretty good communication with Modiphius folks via G+. Both of those things have gone away in the past few months.

I’m wondering if anyone has heard news about when a new KS preview PDF will drop or any general status update on the outstanding books.

Would obviously love an official-ish repsonse.


I agree with this. I guess conan is not as popular as some of their other project so it may be a bit on standby.

It’s been pretty quiet on at least one of the other KS products, too. I wonder if there’s a snag somewhere in the process.

Don’t say that, you will jinx it! :slight_smile:

For anyone listening out there, I can confirm Conan’s got quite a few fans around my end of the woods, and in my extended gaming circle.

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I know that every game store that I have spoken to anyone in has had quite a few people who wanted to play Conan. My home store has 3 games currently running in it. Biggest problem we have run into is availability of the books beyond just pdf format. Especially the main book.