Conan Talents a Game Aid

Here is a document over all the Talents presented so far presented after the skills as well as the specific talents (Veteran, bard etc).
This document will give a good overview over all Talents as well as their requiremens. This document will be updated when we get more Talents.
It is also a good indicator of what skills have gotten least amount of love in the form of Talents (hints to devs) :wink:
Conan talents.pdf (737.0 KB)

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Conan the Brigand… Wow, I guess this is out to Backers first and people like me have yet to see it in the store and in print :smiley:

Well to be fair we “only” have it in PDF now.

I didn’t realize Conan the Scout was available either. Stuff like Pikeman and Bossonian Archer sound interesting for the appropriate characters.

OMG more books incoming! When we will get the hardcovers! :smiley:

There are 10 books in wave 2. 3 of those are in warehouse, 3 at printers and should be at warehouse early january. Scout should be ready soon-ish (since backers got a preview a few months ago). Then it is Conan the Wanderer, Conan the Adventurer and Conan the King.
In wave 3 Kull shouldn´t be that far away. :smile:

So any idea when Conan the Brigand is supposed to be out in pdf for general release? I believe it is the next one, right?

I honestly can’t wait and I know I’m not alone there. There have been repeated conversations about how much people at my local store wish they could get their hands on more copies of the current books and the new books that are coming!