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Conan Resources Thread

Hello! Here will be where I keep resources both fanmade and otherwise for everything conan.

Send me your links, or post them below, and I will get them up here.

Conan Character Generator

Conan character cheet Variant by Mogge

Conan Talent Tree List (Updated to Scout) by Mogge

Conan Foe Index by Ogedei

Completed Weapons List by rgrove1072

Collection of all spells, talents, Archetypes, foes, by Rouroni

House rules and content
Performance Talent Tree, Dances, and Songs list by Rouroni:

Crusader Talent Tree by Rouroni:

Shield Talent Tree by Rouroni:

Taunt by Rouroni

I posted a thread before this called Updated conan talent trees.
Would be great if you would like to add it. :slight_smile:

I also have this character sheet:
Conan character sheet variant7.pdf (200.7 KB)

Also Conan talent trees comes here for your conveniance. :slight_smile:
Conan talents.pdf (743.9 KB)

Done! I linked the original post for your talent trees as you seem to be updating it per book.

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@Modiphius-Lloyd Just a heads up. The talent index and foe index are by me, not Mogge. Mogge did the talent trees.

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Ahem. I have no idea what you mean… fixed

I’ve updated my collection of tables to current. Using the books as well as ogedei’s tables I was able to create an up to date list of all spells, talents, archetypes, foes (non-named) and collect them all in one place. I’ll be adding weapons, effects and named foes to the list soon but my file is yet incomplete where those are concerned.

Added. Thanks for the hard work.

I have now updated my tables to include Named Foes, Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Armor as well as updating the foes list to include some that I found that were missing.


Is this on the same link?

Yes, I just wanted to make sure it worked.

Its not Ogedei that made the Conan Talent Tree List thats me. He made the Excel one perhaps?
But the PDF is my creation. :slight_smile:

Also updated the list to include talents from Conan the Wanderer (same link you provided up in first post).

I have another talent tree to offer anyone who might be interested.

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…link doesn’t work

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Fixed… my apologies

My Talent tree list doesnt appear below my name anymore.
Its still located here: Updated Conan Talent trees

hm… fixed?

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Updated the Foe Index with the release of the Wanderer book.