Playing with New Talents and Skills

The Conan game I run is an very mixed bag as far as the types of characters my group wanted to play. I have everything from someone who has maximized his effectiveness in dealing out damage to a character who is focused on the more political/conversational side of the game. One of the things I love about this game is how flexible it can be for things like this. One of my characters is a dancer and wants to focus at least in part in jut performing. In an effort to encourage them to pursue this I’ve pointed out talents and skills in the book that they can use to accomplish what they want. As the game has progressed they’ve been happy with this but I wanted to offer them more. To accomplish this I have been playing with adding a new skill and talent tree for my game.

I’m hoping to make it as balanced as possible and if I can get it right I plan on allowing people who join my game to utilize it as an option. All that being said, I’m looking for some constructive feedback on what I have so far.

Here’s a link to the excel doc of what I have so far:

One talent I haven’t filled in yet because I am not yet 100% sure what I want it to be I’m debating between a few different options. Any and all suggestions would be very welcome.

Brilliant- i applaud you sir. Still looking through the finer details- but looks like an awesome addition- will get back to you on it.

Edit: I updated the talents so that they are all full. Hopefully the balance works. One thing I’m still trying to debate is if I want to make this a dancing exclusive thing or a performance thing. Most of the flavor text I made was for dancing because the character that inspired it is a dancer but I think I might be able to reword it so that it covers more than just that.

Had a re-read and (even though i am a humble peon) i approve and will ‘yoink’ this as an option for my own games. Great job mate! I think leave it for dancing alone! Trying to mould it into something else may dilute or unbalance it.
Again- hat off and tipped

I’m glad you like it! I tried to keep it balanced. You’re probably right about the diluting point. Maybe I’ll work out something for other kinds of performance if the need comes up but for now leave it as it is.

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