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Skill and Spell list

I made a comprehensive list of all spells and skills that have been in all of the books released so far.
This does not include caste talents though I will add those too if people think it would be useful.

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Thanks mate!


However we as fans are starting to re-do work others have done, which is fine, but redundant.

Might not be a bad idea for us to create a list of things built, or at least double check to see if we are recreating work?

I don’t think the spells have been done, but I’ve got skills here, which is mostly up to date I think…

There is also a foe index here:


I think combining our works will only benefit the community as a whole! You’re list of foes seems fairly complete but you are missing a couple books as far as talents. If you can give me permission to edit yours I’ll add the talents from the books you might not already have that are on my list. I haven’t seen a collection of spells anywhere beyond mine but I think it would be wonderful to get that together in the way we have been as well!

Meanwhile, I’ll update the spell tab on mine. Maybe add your foe index as an additional tab. I love how you added the page everything is on. I didn’t think about that until after I had posted my own.

edit: I have updated my original sheets to include your foe page as well as combined your efforts and my own to have a comprehensive list of spells and talents with page locations. Are you certain that the foe page is a complete list? I have the Pit of Katallu book as well though I’m not sure if it had any new foes inside that weren’t in other books.

I wouldn’t bet money on it. Things in that adventure might not be. I have it as well. But I might not have though to look through it. I would call it mostly complete. :slight_smile:

Just makes more sense for people to not re-produce work, and combine efforts. :smiley:

Also, no issues sharing an edit link for the talents sheet. However, I’m not overly keen on just dumping it on the open forum.

Is there a better way to get in touch with you?

I already updated the one I made but you can contact me at my email

Just a heads up that I have updated my Skill Index

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Hey @ogedei is this second link different from the one up top? they seem to be different visual formats, and I wanted to know which one to use for the Resources thread.

It looks like @Rouroni combined them into a single sheet. I don’t have access to his sheet. The link to my sheet is where I will update it as I get the time and new material is released.

So this one, right?

The most up to date one for talents is this:

And this one for Monsters:

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I need to update mine to reflect some of the newer talents etc. I will be doing that over the next couple days and I’ll let you know once it is done. It has most of them but it is missing the three most recent books because I’ve been slow to get it up to date. Also I love the idea of adding xp cost to it and I’ll be adding that as well.

I have updated my tables to include the scout book as well as the horrors book. Also your list is missing the talents from book of Skelos as well as nameless cults. I’ve also added your xp cost column and I will add the tree that the talents from the scout book are from once I have access to that particular book. I will also be updating my archtypes tab for the same once I get Scout. I was relieved to find out I wasn’t quite as far behind as I though lol

P.S. I have also updated my foe index with the scout enemies. Thank you for providing that.


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Commendable effort, lads!


Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking I was missing some. Been awhile since I revisited them.

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