Conan 2d20 Foe Index. WIP.

I’ve been putting together a Conan Foe Index. I am trying to index all the non-personality, non-named NPCs in the various books. Currently I have CORE, PIRATE, NAMELESS CULTS and The MONOLITH CROSSOVER indexed. More to come as I have time and resources to work on it.

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I can contribute with the information from Conan The Barbarian and The Thief, I already have everything put into Realm Works and will be easy to write it down in your table. :slight_smile:

I’ve already got Barbarian half done. Probably be all done that book sometime today. I’d take the info for Thief though to add to the table.

Do you want to drop the info here:

When you get a chance?

Yes, I will complete the sheet tomorrow/Friday. :slight_smile:

Cool sounds good. I added Barbarian and Mercenary this morning as well.

The Thief enemies are into the temporary index. I didn’t mark the Heroes of the Age with any class.

Awesome. I am not including the Heros sections as well as unique characters from the Jeweled thrones. Aimed at being more of a look through for a monster for your game and getting the book.

Thanks for the Export!

Is your work in RealmWorks something you can share? I’ve never heard of that app and I’d like to see some Conan-specific examples.

I am afraid that my Conan realm can’t be shared, as it contains copyrighted information. Realm Works program is campaign organizer/manager. I find it the best digital tool for a game master that eliminates the need to jump between numerous PDFs trying to search the information you need during the game. It help during session prep and during game.

I don’t want to hijack ogedei’s thread, so I will open a new thread with screenshots from my realm.

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This is useful. Has someone already done an NPC index? It’d help me find which characters/NPCs are in which book…

Those are also NPCs, not just monsters and regular enemies.

Hi Valyar - I meant indexing the named characters/NPCs that are scattered throughout the books, like Bêlit’s stats are in the Core book, but N’Gora and N’Yaga are in Conan the Pirate. Like if I want my players to visit Jarl Wulfhere’s longhouse, it’d be helpful to know his description is on Page 105 of 'Barbarian. I suppose there might be IP/copyright issues with using the names the characters, tho.

There is a collection of fan made things here:

Including I believe a collection of enemies.

Thanks Rouroni. There are lots of good tools there. The Foe Index is the same, however, as Valyar and I were discussing. It (mostly) doesn’t include named NPCs.

I’m wondering if that is intentional, i.e. whether the Foe Index doesn’t have named NPCs for Intellectual Property reasons.

@ClayEponym, I understand what you mean now. There is no such index and I doubt there will be, it is too much work to have something like that indexed. But to be frank, the major NPCs are having stat block and are part of the Encounters chapters, therefore indexed properly or easy to search.

The Foe Index has been updated to include Scout (Note this doesn’t include characters of renown at this time)