Weapons List Anywhere but the Book?

I hate flipping through my nice new copy of the rules for weapon stats. Has anyone put together a list of weapons and armor in a document somewhere? I was going to whip one up myself but figured I would check first. Something with all the additional weapons and such from the follow up books would be awesome too!

Good morning

I do not believe someone has done a collection of weapons yet, but feel free to whip one up and post it here. I may make a ‘Resources Thread’ for people who come to look


Will do! …


Heres a document with the weapon tables, word format to allow expansion.


Great job mate!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for this.

I am brand new to Mod’s Conan 2d20 and dying to run a game. In the process of convincing some friends to take a break for another system and give this a shot with me.

I read that there is a Savage Swords supp scheduled, does anyone have info on it?

Thanks again for this list.

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Information on the upcoming supplements beyond what they are is sparse. They just recently released the remainder of wave 2 but we don’t know when wave 3 is coming just yet.


Can someone tell me where to find the full stats for the Antler Dagger? It shows up as a gear option on the Character creater App, but cant seem to find it any of the books

Page 27 of Conan the Wanderer has what you need! :slight_smile: