NPC Template im working on

NPC Template

NPC Template with Combat Stats

NPC with Combat and Defence Stats

Group of Minions (3)

Example of complete one

Khosatral Khel (Demigod Nemesis)

Bodyguard (Nemesis)

Bandit (Minion)

Conan The Barbarian

Jhari The Cimmerian

These Conan and Jhari i did first they have a different layout but from now on character
stats would look like the Berserker one, like the templates.

Lord Skald The Fallen One (Revenant-Nemesis) This one is from my stories.

Dark Demon (Nemesis Horror)

Thak (Nemesis Horror)


These are incredible!! Well done! I will be using the blank ones for sure and I guess I will be finding places for the filled in ones as well now!! :wink:

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Well im trying to do alot of NPCs with art from the Conan books im also trying to do all of the NPCs on the Monolith Board game first and then i will do others, im glad you like them man thanks.


These are amazing - I will absolutely be using these, and thank you!

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Great to do combined stats.
Can you break down the Khel threaten attack number of 17 please. Also which book is he in?

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Those look much better than the ones I did. Nice work!

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Thank you very much

Khel is in Conan The Brigand page 71

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