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Aggregate list for talents in Conan

There are many excellent supplements for the Conan RPG, but I am having trouble tracking down several specific talents. My players have used the online character builder, I have allowed them to choose from the complete list. We are now trying to retrace each talent to flush out details as on ly the name appears on the printed character sheet. It is a daunting task, which I’ve apparently failed at miserably.
Is there anywhere available a complete list for all official talents, or am I left trying to sift though and guess which book has the details?

There is a collection of Conan lists that might help you (though I don’t know how complete these lists actually are). It is in a Google Spreadsheet format.
But I don’t know if posting it here is allowed as these lists contain lots of material from the Conan books.

Edit: For situations like this, I’d really like a private message feature on this board.

Hi FrankF,
I looked at those and they do have in tiny font listed where each talent can be found. That should do me just fine.

Doesn’t the online character generator also list where each Talent is to be found? If you go to the homepage and then select the Talents overview instead of the generator, it should have all the information you need.

Yes, there is the referenced source given, though it is not easily searchable.

Just make sure the players write down the parent skill next to the Talent and you will easily be able to track them down with the online resource.

I have now used that resource a couple of times, it is actually quite useful.